Each night Sarah wakes to find her husband leave the room.
He returns shortly thereafter and seems to have no memory of it.
One night she follows him.
I wrote this for a class and then I put it on here because it's actually fanfiction XD


1. The Rose

At first, Brendon had thought that making his address public was a good idea. It was-fan mail was delivered right to the door. However, as time went on, people began to show up rather than packages, asking for autographs, pictures, some even producing threats. He couldn’t have regretted anything more, it had really been a dumb idea. 

His wife, Sarah suggested that they move, to which he was at first hesitant to comply to. But, seeing as they didn’t really have another option, he began to pack while Sarah contacted their real estate agent. 

Finally, they were sitting in their new living room, toasting to their accomplishment. Their old house had just been sold earlier that week to an older couple who traveled to California from the north and they had finally finished unpacking everything they had moved. The house was still as sleek and modern as the last, neither of them really took interest in anything antique-like or grotesque, if you will. No, they preferred a more polished feel.

“To moving!” 

“Yes, to moving!” Sarah agreed. 

Brendon took a sip of his wine and then stood, running a hand through his messy hair. 

“I’m gonna head to bed, it’s been a long day.”

Sarah nodded in agreement. 

“Alright, you do that. I’m going to stay awake a little while longer, though, you know how many energy drinks your friend Josh gave me.” 

“Yeah, okay. G’night, love.”

Brendon went to their room and Sarah was left alone in the living room, sipping her wine and peacefully sitting on the sectional. Well, peacefully is’t exactly the right word. As nice and modern as the house was, it had a slightly eerie atmosphere, as though something or someone was watching her. Goosebumps rose on her skin, but she ignored them. She quickly assured herself that there was no one else there and rose from her seat, making her way into the kitchen to put the wine bottle back in the cabinet, setting her glass on the counter. Just as she opened up the door however, there was a crashing sound and she spun around to see her wine glass shattered on the tiled floor. 

Mouth agape, the auburn haired woman knelt down to clean up the mess. How had it gotten there? She was sure she hadn’t put it anywhere near the edge, so it couldn’t have lost it’s balance. No one could have moved it, though. She finished picking up the shards of glass and threw them in the trashcan, hurriedly washing the blood from the small cuts the glass had made in her hands. It was while she was doing it this that she was able to talk some sense into herself. No one was there, she probably just forgot that she misplaced it, or something like that. It had to have fallen. She sighed, heading back into the living room and settling back down on the couch. Just as she was reaching for the TV remote, something odd happened. The lights flickered. 

She stood stark still for a moment, leaned across the couch, hand hovering over the remote. Her eyes flicked around, startled, but it must have been a coincidence. They hadn’t replaced the lightbulbs or anything since they’d moved in, but then again, it was all of the lights, not just one or two. 

“Brendon?” She called softly, thinking perhaps maybe it was her husband coming back out for more wine or to see what the awful crashing noise from earlier had been. 

There was no response. 

Only the sound of silence greeted her and it was unbearably uncomfortable. Something about the house was putting her on edge. 

After another moment of being still and waiting, Sarah relaxed, rolling her eyes at how truly pathetic she was being. There was nothing to be scared of, it was just a new house. This unsettling feeling would diminish in the morning, she just knew it. She stood, making her way to their bedroom. She sort of had a bad habit of believing everything would be okay the next morning, but doesn’t everyone? 

She slipped in bed beside Brendon, who was fast asleep, their Boston terrier curled up in his arms. Sarah smiled and closed her eyes. There was nothing to be afraid of. Everything would be alright.

She had been correct about being less afraid in the morning, with the sunlight shining through the windows and reflecting off of surfaces and the TV screen. However, when night fell the unsettling feeling returned. She sighed as she made her way to bed, she was acting like a kid who was afraid of the dark. 

It was around three in the morning when she woke to find Brendon getting out of bed, moving almost robotically as he tossed the blankets off and stood. 


He didn’t reply.

Instead, he simply made his way out of the room. Sarah knew she should probably be concerned, but thought better of it. He probably had a spark of inspiration and needed to get to the studio room as soon as possible. She decided to go back to sleep and leave him be. 

The next night it happened again. 

“Brendon?” She said with more demand than the last night, “Brendon, what are you doing?” 

When he didn’t respond, she got up and ran in front of him. He stared at her with blank eyes, not the dark brown orbs of adoration she knew so well. 




He simply walked past her and Sarah knew then that something was up. 

When it happened the next night, she followed him out of the room and watched him as he stumbled outside and into the garden.

Needless to say, Sarah was more than a little confused. Why would he be going outside, especially this late at night? Perhaps it had something to do with how he repeated the word ‘rose’ the night before? She studied him as he knelt down, almost as if he wasn’t in control of himself, sure enough, picking a red rose from one of the bushes. He reentered the house, seeming not to notice his wife as he placed the flower on top of a white piano in the corner of the living room. There was one other rose there, one that Sarah had figured was a housewarming gift from their gardener, but now she knew otherwise. 

“Brendon? Are you awake?” She called softly, thinking that perhaps maybe he was sleepwalking. 

Brendon, as she had expected, said nothing in return. He turned back to the bedroom and entered, heard him shuffle into bed. 

She stood there, quite perplexed, staring at the piano in awe. He had to be sleepwalking, right? What on earth could he be doing with a rose, though?

That’s when it happened. 

A swirling mist emitted from the piano, black and crisp, it glided into the air until it took the form of a girl. She was sitting on the piano, long black hair cascading down her back and the sides of her body, she had porcelain-like skin and blazing red eyes. The sight was traumatizing, horrific even. Sarah stumbled back in utter fear, unable to form the scream that seemed to rip at her insides. The noise of her awkward loss of balance caught the being on the piano’s attention and her head swiveled at least 3/4 of the way around so she was facing the auburn haired woman cowering in the corner. 

Sarah finally managed let out a mangled scream, terror portrayed on her face as she sobbed and ran to the bedroom where she bolted the door. 

Brendon woke with a start and looked up to see his wife shaking and sobbing by the door. 

“Sarah! Love, what’s wrong?”

He jumped out of bed, running over to steady Sarah, who was, in fact, ready to fall over out of fear. What she had just seen was probably the most terrifying thing she had ever witnessed, so horrifying in fact that she was already questioning whether it was even real. Brendon, who was now holding her and trying his hardest to soothe her, she wanted to yell at, how was he unaware of what had happened only a few minutes ago? 

Brendon led her back to the bed, tucking her in beside him as she sobbed, staring blankly off, feeling paralyzed in fear. 

That thing was still out in their living room.

“Brendon!” She cried suddenly, turning so she was gripping his shoulders, “There’s something out there, in the living room, it’s some sort of demon how are we going to defend ourselves, what do we do-“

“Sarah, calm down, You just woke up from a bad dream, that’s all.”

Sarah stared at him in disbelief, her blue eyes wide. 


He rubbed her back in reassurance, pulling her down gently beside him. 

“Yeah, that’s all it was, nothing to be afraid of, okay?”

Sarah wanted to protest, but she felt sleep pulling at her, it had been one heck of a night. 

Before she knew it, the whole world had faded into blackness. 

The next day went by in a haze.

She spent most of it thinking, thinking about the demon that she knew she had seen the night before. She tried to stay away from the piano as much as possible, doing everything in a trance-like way. 

By the end of the day she had come up with a plan, a plan to stop the madness. 

When Brendon had finished doing his routinely deed, Sarah snuck out into the living room where she waited expectantly by the piano, both dread and an awful yearning building up inside.   Finally, the black smoke came yet again and the girl was suddenly sitting on the piano. She studied the rose and picked it up, admiring it as she held it up against the moonlight flowing inside through the windows. Sarah was in complete awe as she watched. 


The voice made her jump, made her skin crawl as her eyes widened at the girl who had very clearly just greeted her. Her voice was hollow and empty, yet you could tell it belonged to someone around the age of nine or ten. 

Resisting the urge to run, Sarah returned the greeting.


The creature of darkness turned to face her and her stomach did a flip.

“You’re Sarah, aren’t you?”

The voice was still as monotone as ever, yet it had the slightest hint of curiosity in it. 


Sarah wasn’t expecting the girl to start crying. 

“I’m sorry for possessing your husband every night. Please let me explain,” She whimpered.

Sarah stepped forward the tiniest bit.

“I-I’m not mad. Please, do explain.”

The girl took a deep breath, gazing up at Sarah with ominous eyes.

“My name is Raven. I’m a demon, but I’m not as bad as you might think. I know, I know, I’ve caused you and your husband a lot of trouble and I’m sorry for that. I was cursed to stay in the boundaries of this house long ago by an angel who thought I should be punished for my crimes. She was right. I don’t deny that. It does get lonely, being confined to such a small space, to be tortured by the sight of my favorite flowers blooming outside everyday. When I was alone in this house I would play sad songs on this piano, songs I wrote in honor of the flowers outside, how I wish I could be one, dancing under the sunlight. I know Brendon shares my love for music, so I assumed he would make a good person to fetch a rose for me. I’m s-so sorry.”

Sarah was slightly shocked at the story, but it was truly touching. She approached Raven slowly until she was only mere feet away from her. 

“How about this then, Raven, I’ll fetch you a rose everyday. I’ll throw the old ones out when they wilt so we won’t have them piling up, okay? You can look at them all night long.”

Raven smiled lightly and so did Sarah. She seemed so much less scary now than she had before. 

“Thank you, Sarah. How may I repay you?”

“Please, just stop possessing my husband,” She replied.

Raven nodded.

“I will do that.”

From that day on, Sarah fetched a rose from the garden every day for Raven, while at nights both she and Brendon received a good nights sleep. She soon grew to enjoy the eerie feeling of the house, for she knew that Raven didn’t want to hurt her. 

They finally lived in peace.

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