hey im sarah not too girly my twin is the school bad boy and my best friends are mostly boys the thing i hate the most is seeing my friends not being treated rigth even my best friend forever shadow (my only friend that's a girl) being treated badly but i don't want to fall in love but everything changes with the new guy


4. .....

as i walked to school i saw this 'new shadow ' the hole team was telling me this morning i got to my locker and shadow walked to me ''hey so where not friends anymore'' she walked away in this sassy girly women way i singhed and went to my classe 

-------class #3--------

fucking free time no shadow at all only LOGAN AND CORBYN.........yay my only friends in the class shadow is in my class too but she's too busy with her other friends i started drawing random stuff and thaugth about how am i gonna get her back like i got brad in the hospital at the game for her i yelled ohio fried chiken infront the hole class just to make her laugh and  to let jake know im a total jake pauler i kept drawing then started to draw me and all my best friends including shadow it looked so real ''class dismissed '' the teacher yelled as the bell rang we all ran out the class and went to lunch i was with my team of course then i did my football blah blah blah i know sarah we don't care about the rest of your day it was just watching tv eating and going to bed 

------next morning------ 

i woke up and threw my alarm clock on the floor when it did ''bi-'' ha i just owned ya sucker i got up dressed up then went to school as normal first class boooorrriiiinnnnggg so skip to #3

-------class numbah tree------(sorry i needed to do it)

free time again i took out my drawing and colloring crayons and started to color the drawing shadow walked past me but stopped at my desk ''is that the picture we took last year?" she asked ''yep but last year is over'' i replied ending with a singh ''SHADOW DON'T TALK TO HER'' the chearleader  aka corbyn's ex aka kayla yelled walking over to us '''shadow don't talk to that discusting tomboy '' she said with sarcasim ''oh shut the hell up i can talk to who i want bitch '' she almost yelled i smiled ''what did you just say '' she said putting her hands on her hips in stood up and smiled '' oh sorry i mean fuck off bitch'' she said again acting all sorry i put my hand on shadow's shoulder and kayla walked away logan ran to us and junped on us ''our shadow is back!!!!!'' he yelled giving us an extreme hug on the floor ''DOG PILE'' i yelled everybody jumped on logan the bell rang and they all got off ''ok now we need to change this'' i said looking up and down at shadow she nodded we ran to the bathroom and i took out maykeup removers a hair straigtner and some tomboy clothes ''how do you..." she said looking at the stuff ''gurl im always prepared for this '' i said she laughed and i did everything ''amazing let's go'' we walked out and ate lunch 

------after football practice------ 

i joined logan and corbyn after football infront of stad logan looked at us ''umm i should go'' before we could say anything he ran away ''umm that was wierd logan never does that '' i said looking at logan then back at corbyn ''maybe its cuz-'' i cut him by kissing him ''i know it'' i said ''how'' he asked ''i got sneaky friends '' he opend his mouth then closed it to kiss me he walked me home then i ran in and tackled logan ''asshole''

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