hey im sarah not too girly my twin is the school bad boy and my best friends are mostly boys the thing i hate the most is seeing my friends not being treated rigth even my best friend forever shadow (my only friend that's a girl) being treated badly but i don't want to fall in love but everything changes with the new guy


3. .....

the big game

i got changed fast just before we did the team call ''LOUIS WAKE UP'' i said taking out his earbuds ''im awake'' he mumbled and got up i smiled and ran back to the team i joined them and walked to the coach he showed us the plan talked blah blah blah boring stuff 


im in the back line travis is blind so we have to bloc everyone out of his way this game is diffrent he's in the back line next to me ''fingertips'' the quaterback said we streatched our arms out and i grabbed travis and pulled him closer ''HUT'' i ran and helped getting the guys down....

-------first half done!-----

i was walking to go see  shadow shadow walked to me smiling ''hey what's sha-'' she cuts me off with a scream ''ME AND JAKE ARE A COUPLE OMG'' she yelled ''calm down let's go get a snack crazy women'' we laughed and went to get a drink and a little snack for me a snack is a hot dog their hot dogs are a m a z i n g ''how much time do you have free?" shadow asked eating her skittles ''30 mins'' i replied stuffing my face we sat down and ate

------last half------

after the exercises i got into possition i looked at who was there in the other team.... brad.....he's gonna try to get trav he's been very mean with trav so me and jerry gotta protect him kinda

''HUT'' like i knew it brad went for travis i ran to him and got him on the floor but bad i knealed down next to him and wisperd ''i told you '' with a smile he just layed there i walked back to the team and sat down 


so the ambulance came and everybody clapped meaning he's gonna be fine let's continiue 

-----end of game ----

we won 15 to 1 always win

i walked to logan jake and shadow logan had fox our wolf dog ''hey fox'' i said picking up fox ''why did you call him fox'' jake asked cuz he was'nt a fox he was a wolf dog ''i named him fox 1 cuz it's adorable as a dog name and two he has the marks of a fox'' jake nodded ''oh and i told brad he would get hurt '' i said walking away i got in the car and waited for logan he's so slow i put on the radio and first thing that comes on slow hands by niall horan my favorite song i listen to all my fav songs until logan came in with fox 

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