hey im sarah not too girly my twin is the school bad boy and my best friends are mostly boys the thing i hate the most is seeing my friends not being treated rigth even my best friend forever shadow (my only friend that's a girl) being treated badly but i don't want to fall in love but everything changes with the new guy


2. ....

i walked home after football and saw ........SNOW FUCK even tho i could snowbord i hated snow i got inside and layed down on my bed and texted shadow 

''oii guess who's the new studen!!!!''-s


''your never gonna believe me''-s

''tell me who is it!!!!!!''-sha

''jake paul!!!!!!!!!''-s


''hey don't exagerate gurl''-s

''gtg talk to ya tomorrow''-sha

''yep talk to ya tomorrow gurl''-s

i turned on the tv and watched it the rest of the day

--------next day!!!--------

i got up and looked at my calender the game yes my time to teach brad what he deserves i walked downstairs surprised logan aleready left i got dressed gave chance his food then left i joined shadow at the lockers

''omg sa your never gonna believe this'' she almost yelled ''ok calm down there ''i said putting my hand on her shoulder stoping her from jumping ''ok so i know you have a big crush on corbyn '' she said quiet''yea'' i said back ''guess what i was talking to logan erlier and i found out corbyn has a crush on you too'' i put my hand over my mouth stopping me from screaming ''keep it cool gurl'' i nodded and took my hand away ''oh shit class starts in like 3 mins'' i yelled we ran to our class half way there the bell rang ''shit'' we both wisperd we walked to class as we passed the door no sound made the teacher turned to us ''DETENTION BOTH OF YOU'' he yelled ''yea shut up'' i said sitting down at a free desk next to shadow in the middle of class i looked at shadow ''i can't have detention the football game'' i wisperd to her ''oh shit'' she replied the teacher shot to us ''what was that miss fox'' he said ''i can't have detention today cuz i got a football game'' i said louder ''ugh i hate you free pass this time'' i smiled and did a mini yes 

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