hey im sarah not too girly my twin is the school bad boy and my best friends are mostly boys the thing i hate the most is seeing my friends not being treated rigth even my best friend forever shadow (my only friend that's a girl) being treated badly but i don't want to fall in love but everything changes with the new guy


6. ...(sad chapter)

shadow was the first to come in she bursted in like she owned the place and ran to me ''omg sarah are you ok'' she said hugging me as i got up ''yea but im gonna be fine'' i said pulling away ''im so sorry'' jake said coming in with fox i smiled as the rest came in ''are you ready'' the vet said walking in with a needle ''yep'' i said chance got up from the blanket and layed down next to me ''its ok bud '' i said crying he looked at me with those big puppy eyes its like if he was saying he wanted to stay ''no boy you cant stay its your time where all here '' i said he got up and looked at me he put his head against mine ''its ok your gonna be able to rest forever'' i said he layed down but facing me i dug my face into his neck crying i looked up and layed on logan looking at the vet do her stuff ''good bye chance ill miss you bud '' i said as i took his collar off he looked at me and tried to get his head in it meaning he doesnt want to go the vet did the stuff and he slowly left i looked at him as he took his last breath then i started to cry harder 

''its ok hes finaly free '' logan said pulling me into a hug i looked at chance lifeless and kissed him once more before we left 

i hugged fox as we left the vet 

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