Slave For A Prince

24 year old Hazel Rayne knew she shouldn't have come back to The Kingdom especially being on Jacks hit list but she had to find her best friend Nyx. Hazel's freedom was shortly lived as she was taken from her apartment in the dead of night Jacks had managed to find her thanks to his eyes and ears around The Kingdom.

A few days later there's a birthday boy; he's not just any regular birthday boy he's Prince Constantine. His brother decides to buy him a birthday present what's the best present a brother can give? Why his very own slave of course.

What will happen to Hazel? Will she find her best friend or something worse behind the Palace walls?

Read to find out!


1. The Man Scarier Than The Boogyman

I groaned as a pounding on my apartment door rudely stirred me awake. I sat up slowly in bed rubbing my eyes then blinking a few times peering at my clock on my bedroom wall through the darkness it read 230 AM. I yawned turning on my lamp on my nightstand I tossed the covers off of me exiting my bedroom.

I swear this guy needs to give me a break! Every single night my 24/7 drunk neighbor always bangs on my door to talk to me. You could say he has a thing for me I only know this to be true because he's told me repeatedly.

The pounding at my door grew louder as I made it to the door. I took a deep breath ready to yell at my neighbor as I unlocked my door opening.

"What the-" I froze mid-sentence seeing not my drunk neighbor but a familiar face holding a clipboard and pen in his hands and two buff guys stood behind him.

He looked up at me from his clipboard, "Hazel Rayne. I finally found you."

My blood ran cold at his voice.

It's him the man that haunts your dreams. The man scarier than the boogyman.

"It's me, Jacks." He smiled at me, his teeth stained yellow from smoking and rotted from lack of oral hygiene. I felt sick just looking at the cruel ugly bald headed man. Jacks is the owner of a sex shop in town but it's a front his actual business is human sex trafficking; he kidnaps woman regardless of age and sells them to whoever is buying.

I took a step back as the memory of that horrible night crept up into my mind; three years ago in an apartment, I shared with my best friend Nyx Jacks showed up to kidnap us. I managed to escape that awful fate but my best friend wasn't lucky enough. Since that night I studied up on Jacks learning everything I can to find her.

"Pretty dumb move coming back here." He took a step towards me.

"H-How?" I couldn't form a whole sentence from my state of being shocked. 

I was careful I covered my tracks.

"I have eyes and ears all over The Kingdom girly. I know you can't help it being a blonde and all." He laughed at me, "Now we could do this the easy way or the hard way, trust me honey that's up to you."

I glared at him taking a step back. If I could make it to my cell phone in my bedroom I can call the law enforcement in The Kingdom but honestly what good would they even do? They don't even look for any of these kidnapped women.

I shot straight to my bedroom hearing heavy footsteps behind me. I slammed my bedroom door shut and hurriedly pushed my dresser in front of the door. The two buff guys hit my door repeatedly trying to bust it open.

I grabbed my cell phone off my nightstand calling the law enforcement.

"I'm sorry the number you have reached is not in service."

"What?! NO!" I screamed into the phone.

"Get her!"

I turned around backing away from the two buff guys that successfully broke down my door Jacks stood behind them.

I glanced at my window if I jump there's a 100% chance I'll break a bone but in this moment I don't care. I threw my cell phone at one of the guys then turned to the window I managed to get it open but I was ripped away and slung over a shoulder like I weighed nothing. I kicked screaming bloody murder and struggled under his grasp.

"Jesus Christ knock the bitch out."

Jacks stuck a needle in the side of my arm. My eyes burned with tears as I slowly closed them unwillingly slipping into darkness.


"Hey you, wake up." A female voice spoke gently pushing on me.

I slowly opened my eyes looking around the room I saw metal walls with a big metal door. I blinked a few times letting my eyes adjust better in the bad lighting. I could see a small figure in front of me. She was wearing just a bra and underwear. I looked down at myself I wasn't wearing my pjs anymore but my own bra and underwear.

They stripped me? Those sick bastards!

I knew exactly where I was I was in his Sex Shop. The memories of that night came to me as I rubbed my forehead, "How long have I been in here?"

"Few days."

"Jesus, I can't be here." I stood and went over to the big door and started pounding on it, "Let me out!" I screamed.

"They can't hear you. This room is sound proof."

I kicked the door hard injuring my foot I limp back into a corner pressing my back against the cold metal wall sliding to the floor.

"I'm Ashley."

"Hazel," I replied rubbing my injured foot I felt exhausted and hungry.

"I'm sorry this happened to you, I would never wish this on anybody even my worst enemy." She said softly.

"It's not your fault," I mumbled.

We sat in silence for what felt like hours then the big metal door creaked open.

"Someone's coming," Ashley whispered.

"Hello ladies," Jacks greeted walking in the room.

I stood ignoring the shooting pain from my foot I went to swing at Jacks with my fist but he pointed a gun at me making me stop my arm in mid-air.

"Nuh on," He mocked, "I wouldn't do anything stupid if I were you."

"You son of a bitch!" I growled dropping my arm to my side glancing at the open door my mind begging to run for my freedom but Jacks watches me like a hawk.

He smirked throwing two short dresses on the floor, "Put those on. I'll be back." Jacks exit the room closing the metal door behind him locking it.

"I know you want to escape but there's no hope," Ashley mumbled picking up the short dress off the floor quickly slipping it on.

I looked at her, "There's always hope! Why give up so easily?"

She snapped her head towards me, "Because I've been here for a month don't you think I've tried to escape? Don't you think I've sat here nights on end thinking it's going to be okay my parents will come get me and I'll be saved news flash Hazel no one came!" Ashley raised her voice wiping away a few tears her heavy breathing filled the silence in the room.

"I'm sorry Ashley. I had no idea." I apologize.

That must've been how Nyx felt. I can only image her sitting in this dull metal room hoping that I would find her.

I felt a tear rolled down my cheek; I hope Nyx didn't feel abounded I did everything I could to find her. I wiped away the tear as I reluctantly picked up the short dress putting it on. The material of the dress made my skin itch.

"What's happening?" I asked looking at Ashly changing the subject.

"He's going to have us do a lineup," I gave her a confused look, "A lineup is where four girls stand in a line waiting to be bought by their new owner." She explained.

Her words made me feel sick to my stomach, "That's disgusting. We are people!"

"Not to them." She mumbled as the metal door opened.

Jacks walked in tying my wrist together with a zip tie, "You still have a fight in you." He said bonding my wrist together tightly.

"Ow, that hurts." I hiss glaring at him.

"Too bad now come on the both of you." He left the room. I went out first limping a little trying to keep pressure off my foot as Ashley walked behind me.

The shop's walls were black with no windows and covered with sex toys and porno DVDs. The only lighting was purple black lights.

I looked near the cash register where a man stood flipping through a big book. There was picture after picture of girls beside the picture was their information like age, hair color, eye color, height etc.

I had to turn my head away.

"Stand beside them." Jacks pointed with his gun to the two hefty girls wearing short skin tight dresses like Ashley and me.

I stepped up on the slightly raised floor standing next to the two numb looking girls with Ashley beside me. They seemed to have been here for a while like Ashley they all have that same look in their eyes; no hope.

"Turn on the light." Jacks ordered.

A spotlight was switched on us.

I squinted my eyes looking away, "Why the light?" I asked Ashley in a whisper.

"It shows us better to the buyers." She answered back in a whisper.

We were on display for the buyers to see.

I wanted to run, puke and scream at the same time; I felt so trapped so hopeless.

If there's a will there's a way because you're Hazel Rayne

Nyx's rhyme echoed in my mind.

Not this time Nyx this time I am trapped like a bird in a cage.

"The buyers should be here soon!" Jacks announced.

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