Slave For A Prince

24 year old Hazel Rayne knew she shouldn't have come back to The Kingdom especially being on Jacks hit list but she had to find her best friend Nyx. Hazel's freedom was shortly lived as she was taken from her apartment in the dead of night Jacks had managed to find her thanks to his eyes and ears around The Kingdom.

A few days later there's a birthday boy; he's not just any regular birthday boy he's Prince Constantine. His brother decides to buy him a birthday present what's the best present a brother can give? Why his very own slave of course.

What will happen to Hazel? Will she find her best friend or something worse behind the Palace walls?

Read to find out!


3. The Birthday Boy Is A Complete Psychopath

Holy shit he's the real deal.

I stared at the big glorious Palace that sits high on the hill overlooking The Kingdom. I couldn't believe my eyes right now; fate you're one sick twisted bastard!

"No questions?" He asked looking at me I could see a glint of humor in his eyes. 

Glad someone is enjoying themselves...NOT!

"Why the hell does a Prince need a Slave for? Surely there are other things to spend your money on." Even I could think of a few things I would love to buy if I had the cash.

"I'm very happy with my Slave so I figured why not get my older brother his own." He laughs. 

Of course, he has his own Slave, that poor girl.

A Maid walked up to us she bowed at the Prince beside me.

"Take her to his room get her changed. She's my brother's birthday present." He ordered the Maid walking away.

"Follow me." The Maid said quickly turning around walking in front of me.

I looked around seeing guards everywhere I knew I couldn't escape they'll shoot me. I mentally sigh in defeat following the maid inside. We walked and walked till she eventually stopped at a big red door, "Older Master room." She informed me opening the door. I was greeted with red: red walls, floors, curtains, and bedspread. The room even had a connected bathroom.

What's with the color red?

"Uh, can I shower?" I ask the Maid who nodded in response. 

I walked in the bathroom (feeling disappointed to find no window) turning the shower on I stripped out of the clothes I wore and stepped in. I enjoyed the feeling of the hot water washing over me as I closed my eyes hoping I was just having a really bad nightmare. I would wake up in my apartment and get ready for another day of searching for Nyx or better yet she would return home and we could leave this horrible Kingdom.

A knock on the door snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Slave you must get out of the shower now." The Maid said.

"My name is not Slave," I retort shutting the water off I stepped out of the shower, "My name is Hazel." I grabbed a towel drying myself off.

"Young Master informed me you will only be addressed as Slave." The Maid said sadly as I opened the door with the towel wrapped tightly around me.

"Seriously? What the fuck!" I hiss feeling angered. 

"Please don't speak such words. Masters and Ma'dam wouldn't like to hear such things." The Maid warned handing me a red lacy bra with matching panties she turned her back to me as I quickly changed into the bra and panties that fit me perfectly. She turned slightly handing me a long length skin tight black dress; it showed off my curves.

She turned completely to me handing me black stiletto heels I reluctantly put them on stumbling a bit; I wasn't much for high heels.

The Maid left the room as another one came in adding a light touch of makeup. I wanted to refuse and get her out of my sight but I didn't want to make it hard on her.

"One more thing," The Maid from earlier came back on with a big red bow.

"Are you shitting me?" I rolled my eyes as she went behind me placing a bow around my stomach. 

She didn't say anything and left the room making sure I followed her. She stopped in front of big doors behind them I heard soft music playing and people chatting followed by laughter.

"He will get you soon." With that, she left.

I looked around, as usual, there were guards everywhere. This is a Palace after all where the royal family lives, of course, they'll need this much protection. 

The door opened in front of me causing all eyes to land on me. I held my head high staring at each and every one of their gazes. I want them to look me in the eye and feel like shit about themselves if these high and mighty people are even capable of such feeling.

"Brother! Your birthday present has arrived!" The Prince that bought me announced walking over to me. 

A man with pale devilishly good looks walked through the crowd over to me. His blue eyes took in my features as he ran a hand through his curled ginger brown hair. I blinked at the handsome guy; I wasn't expecting him to be well built or this handsome in a nice suit but it's nothing less expected of a Prince. Even his younger brother looked good.

He slapped his brother on his back giving him a lopsided smile, "Well baby brother you certainly out did yourself." His sexy thick British accent rocked my core; I've never heard such a sexy sound before. I noticed how he sounded pleased with his brother's choice of Slave. 

Oh, how you're very wrong.

He walked over to me licking his lips, "Hello Slave." He greeted flicking the bow around my stomach. 

I frowned glaring at him, "That's not my name." 

He grabbed my arm his hand ice cold like his brothers. I hissed at him from the pain he was causing me.

His face went blank, "I don't care what your actual name is. You will be called Slave and I Master."

The birthday boy is a complete psychopath. I placed my hand on his trying to pry it off my arm but had no such luck. He jerked me forward making me follow him through the crowd. The crowd stared at us especially me they all seem so hungry...

"Mother, Father look what Atticus got me." He showed me to a woman wearing a crown and a peachy color dress and a man who also wore a crown dress in a uniform and they were also pale like the two Princes. 

They must be the King and Queen.

"Aren't you so pretty." The Queen smiled at me reaching her hand out I quickly pulled away not wanting to be touched. She retreated her hand looking hurt.

I wanted to shout at them; they're The King and Queen how was this acceptable? They should be freaking out that their son bought his older brother a Slave as a birthday present!

I opened my mouth to say what was on my mind but the psychotic Prince beside me tightens his grip on my arm again making me whimper.

"Son, don't be like Atticus is with his slave; that idiot brother of yours," The King murmured the last part to himself, "Don't forget you have a responsibly as the oldest son. Don't do anything foolish with the girl." The King pointed out to his son.

"I know Father." The psychotic Prine droned.

What does the King mean? 

I looked around the room a girl with long light brown hair, hazel eyes and a necklace that's half a heart caught my eye. She glanced at me then quickly looked away while grabbing the necklace. She dropped her hand as Atticus wrapped his arm around her waist. He looked at her with love; that's what the King must mean.

I titled my head slowly realizing who she is; My heart tightens at the sight of my best friend as tears pooled in my eyes. It's her its really her.

"Slave lets dance." His voice snapped me back to reality. 

I didn't speak to him as he brought me to the dance floor where other people were dancing. He placed a hand on my waist as the other held onto my hand. I placed my free hand on his shoulder. He stared at me as we started dancing. I kept my eyes on everything else but him. We were close to close for comfort I could smell his cologne. 

I just want to leave with Nyx by my side. We can leave The Kingdom going anywhere long as we were together nothing matters. This isn't forever just temporary but being here makes me wonder what other corrupted things are the King and Queen hiding? 

"You seem to be deep in thought. As my Slave, I demand you to tell me." 

I glared at him stopping my movements, "I'm not your Slave! I'm a female who has freedom doesn't that matter to you!?" I screamed at him shoving him hard but he didn't budge instead I pushed myself away from him by this time I had gained everyone's attention I looked around the room for Nyx but she was already gone. I spit in the Prince's face then ran out of the room to the bedroom.

I entered the bedroom shutting the door behind me locking it. I kicked off the stiletto heels throwing them at the red wall then ripped off the dress throwing it across the room.

I stood there in my bra and panties hot tears streaming down my face.

"I wanna go home!" I screamed tugging at my blonde hair.

The bedroom door was kicked open. I jumped from the banging sound turning around seeing the psychotic Prince breathing heavily he was angry, very angry his blue eyes were darker now. 

I stared at the door, there was no way someone could kick in a big metal door like that so easily.

"Well, well," He licked his lips at the sight of me in my undergarments. I quickly wrapped my arms around myself, "I was going to kill you but seeing how ready you are for me makes me feel better." He says walking into the room slamming the door shut behind him walking towards me.

"Stay the fuck away from me!" I screamed at him from the top of my lungs backing away from him I out my hands up in defense. I was scared I didn't want to die and I didn't want him taking my virginity. 

I started breathing harder my heart was pounding against my ribcage.

"Mmm, that's such a lovely sound." He says closing his eyes, "Your heart is beating out of your chest." He chuckles.

What the hell?

He opened his eyes to look at me his mouth adjusted open I saw two fangs sticking out from behind his lips, "I'm very hungry slave. I think I'll drain you of your blood." In a flash, he was on me sticking his fangs in the side of my neck. I gasp and cry out from the pain wiggling underneath him. I felt his arms wrap around my torso holding me closer to him. I placed my hands on his chest pushing him away but he didn't budge like earlier. 

What is he? 

My legs give out from under me if he wasn't holding me I would've collapsed to the floor. I clung onto his white dress shirt, "Please...stop.." I whimper feeling myself grow weaker. 

My plea made it worse. He held me tighter to him sinking his fangs deeper into my neck if that was even possible. My eyes fluttered closed as I slipped into darkness. 

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