Slave For A Prince

24 year old Hazel Rayne knew she shouldn't have come back to The Kingdom especially being on Jacks hit list but she had to find her best friend Nyx. Hazel's freedom was shortly lived as she was taken from her apartment in the dead of night Jacks had managed to find her thanks to his eyes and ears around The Kingdom.

A few days later there's a birthday boy; he's not just any regular birthday boy he's Prince Constantine. His brother decides to buy him a birthday present what's the best present a brother can give? Why his very own slave of course.

What will happen to Hazel? Will she find her best friend or something worse behind the Palace walls?

Read to find out!


2. Hold Up, I'm A Freaking Birthday Present?

I continue to look around the room even though I could hardly see because of the spotlight but it's not going to stop me. I push past the hopelessness; I won't-hell I refuse to be bought by some random guy and do who knows what.

"What are you doing?" Ashley asked me in a whisper.

"I refused to just stand here and do nothing. I have to at least try to escape I'm not going to be bought like an object." I whispered back.

"If you really want to try," Ashley began, "Jacks necklace is the key to the front door; I can try to get it."

"Wouldn't he feel you taking it off?"

"The man has so many fat rolls I'll be amazed if I could even find it."

"Okay, let's do this."

"When I give you the key wait for an opening," Ashley informed me.

I nodded glad that she's helping me. I glanced at the two girls beside me who heard our conversation they looked at me with a shimmer of hope; I cannot let them or Ashley down. 

I heard a doorbell ring to my far left. I turned my head to the direction of the ring.

"That's the door," Ashley whispered.

I heard Jacks walk over to the door. I counted three locks being unlocked, "Gentlemen! Welcome!" Jacks greeted I heard footsteps coming in as they talked among themselves in murmurs.

Great, they're here. 

I heard the door close and three locks being locked.

"Jacks, sir?" Ashley called out in a sweet voice.

"What dammit!?" Jacks yelled stomping over to us.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but I was wondering if I could have a hug just in case this is the last time I see you," Ashley continued to talk in her sweet voice opening up her arms.

Is this actually going to work?

He sighs, "Ashley you've always been my favorite. I would make you my slave but then I wouldn't be making money," He chuckled to himself, "But yeah sure." Jacks stepped up on the raised floor walking to Ashley.

I adverted my eyes, I couldn't watch this. He makes me sick to my very core.

"Thank you, sir," Ashley said sweetly as Jacks walked away continuing his business.

I glanced at Ashley, "Did you?" I asked discreetly.

Ashley shoved the key in my palm, "The odds are for us."

She quickly regained her posture acting like nothing happened.

The key feels warm and heavy in my hands. I can almost taste freedom.

I heard footsteps walk in front of us, "Please pick your choice of Slave we will talk prices later." Jacks said.

"Why are the blonde's hands tied up?"

Me, he's talking about me.

"Because this little lady has a hard time keeping her hands to herself," Jacks answered.

The buyers laughed.

I was angered, I wanted to cuss Jacks out he's a disgusting pig but his response gave me an idea, "If you would like I could show you." I said flirtatiously adding a wink.

I heard a few hell yeahs.

"Now, now save it for your new owner Slave." Jacks ordered.

"Come on old man it's like buying a car you gotta test drive it." One laughed.

"My girls, my rules." Jacks snapped.

"Okay, okay same rules as always I got ya." The same guy spoke walking up to us.

He looked like he was in his mid 20is and has cocky written all over him. He walked straight to me.

Hello, my opening.

The rest of the guys followed him some were old the rest varies. They went to the other girls.

"Hello, Miss I Can't Keep My Hands To Myself." He smirked at me

I fake giggled like a school girl, "Hello Mr Handsome."

I won't lie my flirting game has never been strong I hope my fake flirting can pass.

He leaned near my ear, "I really do what to take you on a test drive." He murmurs.

I trailed a finger down his chest, "Then do it."

I heard a cell phone ring, "Hello?" Jacks answered I heard him walk away.

Mr Handsome, more like Mr Cocky looked behind him, "Let's go then." Mr Cocky grabbed my wrist taking me away.

I glanced behind me looking at Ashley's worried face I gave her a wink.

We snuck by the cash register where Jacks stood behind it to engrossed with his conversation to notice us.

I took a glance at the front door two buff guys stood by the door guarding it and on the door were exactly three locks.

Could I actually escape?

Meanwhile Mr Cocky opened a door to an office that I'm assuming belongs to Jacks. Mr Cocky closed the door behind us locking it.

I raised my arms slightly, "Help a girl out?" I faked a smile.

He cut the zip ties then greedily attacked my lips with his. I gripped his shirt while running my fingers through his hair making sure the key doesn't slip from my grip I started to walk backward till my butt hit the edge of the desk. He gently pushed me down onto the desk never breaking the kiss.

I opened my eyes glad to see his were closed I looked to my left seeing a lamp I picked it up. He trailed kisses down to my neck licking the area.

"I'm sorry," Not really.

He stopped his actions looking up at me, "For what?"

"This." I smashed the lamp hard against his head knocking him out I shoved his body off of me watching it hit the floor.

I felt my heartbeat speed up, this is it!

I quickly walked up to the door unlocking it then exit the room. Jacks still hasn't noticed my absence and when he does I'll lose my chance. I crouch behind a porno DVD stand to make sure no one saw me.

At the front door, the two buff guys still stood there looking bored. I looked around spotting a nudie magazine I picked it up tossing it to the nearest buff guy.

He looked down at it as I quietly sucked in a small breath. 

"These guys are so nasty," He mumbled picking up the magazine.

"Whoa, dude don't hold out!" The other buff guy exclaimed snagging the magazine away.

"You're disgusting. I'm going to check on that blonde before Jacks realizes they're gone." He walked away as the other guy walked away with the magazine. 

I took one more look around seeing the coast was clear I walked up to the door unlocking the three locks. 

"She's escaping!" Someone yelled out. 

No, no, no! 

I swung the door open slamming right into a hard chest. I backed up a little taking the guy and myself from surprised; he was so shocked his face was pale (Maybe maybe not). I went to run but a shooting pain worst from before erupted from my foot causing me to cry out in pain. The guy caught me in his arms before I collapsed to the ground. His skin was ice cold causing me to shudder.

"Stupid bitch!" Jacks growled running over to us his breathing was labored, "You stole my key-"

"Boss! She knocked out a client!" The buff guy returned dragging a limp body.

"You knocked out one of my clients!" Jacks bellowed.

"How much?" The man holding me in his arm ask interrupting Jacks.

Jacks was taken back from the man standing in front of him, "Prince Atticus!" Jacks bowed slightly, "It's good to see you again but you sure you want that one? I still have Ashley."

I straighten myself looking at the man in front of me, he's well groomed and wearing expensive clothing he might be a Prince after all but what do I know I've never watched the news or read a newspaper.

"Nah, this one will do. It's my older brother's birthday." He informs Jacks.

Hold up, I'm a freaking birthday present? Jesus Christ, he's a Prince he could buy his brother anything in this world but instead he buys a Slave. 

 "Understood sir. 50 million." Jacks said.

I furiously shook my head narrowing my eyes at this so-called Prince holding me, "I am not an object. You cannot just buy me!" I barked at him hitting his chest.

He didn't seem fazed by me hitting him. "Watch me." He easily tossed me over his shoulder then threw money at Jacks. I screamed and kicked with my good foot trying to get out of his grasp.

I seriously need to gain weight to make this whole flinging Hazel over shoulders harder.

The man turned around in time as I watch Jacks greedily pick up the money off the ground.

The so-called Prince walked away shoving me into a vehicle causing my back to hit the door. He came in after me closing the door behind him. I started kicking him ignoring the pain from my foot as I turned slightly trying to open the door, "Let me go!" I shouted. 

I don't care if he is the real deal I won't stop till I'm free!

He forcefully grabbed my feet causing me to cry out in pain from his death grip on my injured foot he immediately let go of my foot.

"Here." He handed me a bottle containing red liquid.

I eyed it suspiciously breathing hard from my kicking, "Hell fucking no."

He smirked at me, "He's going to love you."

I glared him making a fist my blood boiled as I brought my arm up going to punch him but he caught my fist in mid air.


We both turned our attention to the driver.

That's when I realized we were in a limo; if this was under a different circumstance I would've been excited.

"Home." He instructed the driver then looked at me throwing my fist away, "I wouldn't try doing that to my brother. He would break your hand."

The driver he rolled up the black glass behind him so he couldn't see or hear anything.

That made me nervous but I continued my glaring at the so-called Prince crossing my arms, "I'll do everything in my power to escape."

"Yeah surrrre." He said and in a flash, he forcefully put the bottle to my lips making me drink the red liquid I choked on the thick substance.

He backed away as I leaned over coughing up some of the red liquid on the carpet.

"Now that's just nasty."

I turned to him, "What the hell did you just give me!?"

"Don't worry about it. Now, are you done acting like a child?"

I snorted wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, "How about you try being dragged out of your home in the middle of the night then end up being bought!" Not to mention I was so close to freedom! Then I could've saved Ashley and the other girls.

"You're riot!"  He laughs at me slapping his knee, "Just a little word of advice Miss Riot my brother is very dominating and possessive. So be a good little girl."

"Like that will ever happen." I murmured looking down at my hand eyeing the red liquid as I move my foot around. It doesn't hurt anymore; what kind of magic is this? I brought my hand closer to my eyes. 

Is this blood? 

I felt the limo come to a stop pulling me out of my thoughts.

The doors unlocked but before I could escape the so-called Prince beside me grabbed my arm, "We are here." He informed me opening his door he pulled me out with him.

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