When The Sun Met The Moon

Screen Play Format - based off of a RP


4. three

Xx Chapter 3: Meeting Olivia: ALAYNA xX

Alayna: He’s my uncle *Alayna laughs*

Olivia: Hi! I am Olivia! Welcome to Melbourne High School. I can show you around.

Alayna: *Looks over shoulder* Oh..Hi?

Olivia: Hi Michael. You need to get to class.

Michael: I'm bringing her to our class now Olivia. Stop being a mom. You aren't even close to being a mom.

Alayna: Heh. Mom.

Olivia: Yea. His friends all call me mom, and my boyfriend’s friends too.

Alayna: Mom Dad. Hmm. Interesting group of friends.

Olivia: It's definitely an interesting situation.

Alayna: We should go. Bye Olivia *Walks to class with michael. She looks at him* Your hair looks like a unicorn’s puke *Alayna loves her dyed hair, so she tries to make it more detailed when it comes to colour*

Michael: What the hell! My hair is not fucking unicorns puke. *Michael takes offense and gets angry*

Alayna: *Alayna is very confused* You can’t say unicorn in a serious tone, to be honest.

Michael: Well I just did. Don't fucking call my hair unicorn vomit.

Alayna: *sasses* Well I'm So-rry Mr. Anger

Michael: Don't get smart with me Goth.

Alayna: *She gives him just, that look* I'm emo sweetcheeks.

Michael: And it's fucking retarded. Let's get to class. *He walks ahead, annoyed*

Alayna: you aren't far from it *She mumbles*

Michael: Don't fucking mutter under your breathe cunt. It's fucking rude. What the hell did you say?

Alayna: *sasses* Cunt is more rude, and I'm American so I'm free so i don’t have to say anything sweets.

Michael: Look if you don't fucking stop sassing me, this friendship is not gonna work at all. So shut the fuck up about my hair, got it?

Alayna: *She eye rolls* Friendship? I don’t even know your last name. We are far from what I call a friendship, I don’t know where your from but friendships don’t come in a blink of an eye *She Sasses again*

Michael: Maybe if I gave you my number, we could actually have a good conversation. Go get changed. We have gym today. *He walks into the locker room*

Alayna; *stands there, she didn't bring a change of clothes, she rocks on her feet* *she looks around aimlessly* *she speaks quietly, as she leans against the wall unaware what to do * Well maybe i was referring to the purple nailpolish i have, it's called unicorn puke and it looks like his hair...

Luke: Hi! I’m Luke! Sorry about Michael. He can be mean sometimes. He gives all of us a hard time. Cool hair.

Alayna: *turns around* Thanks?

Luke: It is so bright! Galaxy? It's so detailed too. *Luke is amazed at Alayna’s hair*

Alayna: Oh thanks, I guess. Ugh I wanna go home.

Luke: I don't blame you. We all hate this class. Nobody likes the teacher.

Alayna: I just want food.

Niall: I want food! *Niall slowly eats potatoes smiling at Luke and Alayna* Hi!

Alayna: Oh?

Michael: You have food in your hands right now Niall. Hey Lucas.

Mr. Leavis: Miss. Gillis, points off for not changing.

Alayna: but- *She's shocked*

Michael: Mr. Leavis, she's new. She didn't know that we had gym today. This is her first day of school.

Mr. Leavis: *he Taps his foot* Alayna, come with me.

Alayna: *Shook* Its..Tallulah

Mr.Leavis: Here in Melbourne high we dont like liars, come with me Miss. Gillis. You know what. Nevermind. Just. Be prepared next time. *Mr.Leavis walks away, writing on paper that’s attached to his clip board*

Michael: Get a warning? He can be scary...

Alayna: Yeah. Like he called me Alayna and Miss. Gillis. Like uhm no.

Michael: Where did Alayna come from? I thought your name was Talullah.

Alayna: *she stutters* I-It I-is

Mr.Leavis: Name Call! ALAYNA T GILLIS?

Alayna: Ohshit.

Michael: Is that your actual na- Alayna!

Alayna: *Looks at Michael confused* Excuse me? And here!

Michael: Did you use to live in Sydney?

Alayna: Yeah, Like 4 years back.

Michael: I used to be your neighbor. Michael Clifford ring a bell?

Alayna: MIKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *She jumps onto him, estatic to see her childhood, best friend*

Michael: HEY! *He hugs Alayna tightly, burying his head in her neck* I've missed you so much.

Alayna: I missed you too mikey

*Last Bell*


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