When The Sun Met The Moon

Screen Play Format - based off of a RP


7. six

Xx Chapter 6: Back at the party xX

Liam: I don't like this party

Olivia: No?! We can leave, take a ride down to the beach?

Liam: OMG yes. I can write some poems. *smiles*

Olivia: Then let's get out of here.

Some random guy: Hi babe. Come with me and i can treat you well *smirks*

Olivia: I'll pass thanks sweetheart. *I scoff and head towards the door*

Liam: *opens door for you* m’lady

Olivia: Thank you sir.

Liam: That’s prince charming to you princess.

Olivia: *I feel my cheeks burn red and I look down* Heh...

Liam: cute, very cute. *he opens your car door*

Olivia: Thanks Liam. *I get in the car, feeling nervous*

Liam: you ok? You look nervous. I promise I didn't drink

Olivia: The alcohol was awful. I didn't even drink a whole cup full.

Liam: Alayna brought some 500$ beer.

Olivia: It was gone. I don't even like alcohol. It's disgusting. Makes me sick. And yet I still try to drink it…

Liam: want some water?

Olivia: I'll be fine. Can we just go to the beach? *I look out the window, running my fingers through my curled hair*

Liam: of course

*At the beach*

Olivia: Nice and cool. *I strip down, my dress falling into the sand, I run into the waves, diving in*

Liam: Sits on the beach writing

Olivia: Are you coming in nerd? *I sing ‘Part of your world’ softly* or are you gonna sit there?

Liam: I'm writing music.  

Liv: Oh cool. *I swim back to shore, walking out of the water, the moonlight outlining my body*

Liam: *he looks down, writing up all night*

Olivia: *I grab my towel and I sit next to him* What song are you working on?

Liam: music.

Olivia: Youcouldbemorespecific…

LIam: up all night..just a song

Olivia: what is it about?

LiamL Lit, staying Up all night.

Olivia: Sounds like fun. *I stand up and walk back in the water, giving him some space*

Liam: *lays back, looking at the stars*

Olivia: Where did yo- oh… *I smile at him from the water, not going back to shore*

Liam: closes his eyes*

Olivia: *I get upset and walk back to shore, gathering my clothes, and I sit on the beach wall, looking at the horizon* Liam… it's late.

Liam: Ok. Ill take you home.

Olivia: Yea. *I walk to his car, freezing*

Liam: Blasts the heat*

Olivia: *I fall asleep, I'm curled up in the seat*

Liam: psst. Babe. were home.

Olivia: Hmm… ok. Bye Liam. *I get out of the car, groggy*

Liam: good night babe. I- I love you, *said for the first time*

Olivia: I love you too Liam. *i kiss his lips softly, my body pressed against him. I pull away from him* Goodnight. I will see you tomorrow. *I smile softly at him, my dress strap sliding down my arm*

Liam: Night Love *pecks your lips*

Olivia: *I strut inside and I lean against the closed door and I sigh. I walk up to my room, happily, sort of wishing that he had stayed*

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