When The Sun Met The Moon

Screen Play Format - based off of a RP


1. Prolouge


Alayna walks around the high school campus. She recently moved from America, from a bullying incident. Each time she gets into a bullying state where it gets physical, she moves locations. Each farther away than before. Considering she moved to Australia, you can see how much she got bullied. She Did have a best friend from preschool to 6th grade, until he moved. His name was Michael.

Michael and Alayna were very close. Alayna hopes to have a new life, but the bullying never stops, this time she has a special someone back with his friends. You're probably saying, 6th to 11th grade isn’t much how do you move so many times, let’s just say Alayna was constantly bullied, from day one once Michael moved.  There was a large groups at her new school.  The cheerleaders, the jocks, the sluts, the idiots, the fuck boys, the nerds and just the people who didn’t fit in those. And That was Michael. Luke was the idiot. Calum was the fuck boy, so was zayn.

Harry was the jock so was Ashton, Niall and Louis were jocks as well, for sports. Liam was a nerd. He had a very high IQ and there was Olivia. The school’s popular girl. But shockingly she was highly nice, i mean she would party a lot but she would hang out with the nerds and the outcasts. Originally she wanted to date harry, the hottest guy in school, BUT he was gay and was dating Louis .

She then dated Liam and has dated him since 8th grade, everyone stays in these cliques, they never leave them, so each year people leave the groups and new ones come in.  Alayna then sits alone, in the back of the loud cafe, not being seen, well, because 1) she blends in from all black, 2) she's new and 3) she's at the shadowy table.

The Lads are in bands, they payed the school and students to keep quiet about it whilst they had a hiatus for a year for tour, they wanted to finish their education so they wouldn't have to hiatus the whole band. Tho, most people didn't even know who they were, they hid their faces on albums and on internet, but soon..someone will leak  that secret of them being in a world famous band, will fame and popularity change them?? And will they let fame get to their head? Or will they be the same lads?

And a few things. Liv is very girly and occasionally whiny. Ashton does have severe depression, as for Louis. Harry doesn’t wanna be gay because he’s scared. Niall eats everything. Calum and Zayn manage to get every girl in bed, especially the new girls, Luke just is a lanky as noodle that humps everything. Liam is like a dad, horny or regular. He likes to control. Liv is also like a mom.

And Michael. The boy with issues… He’s a ‘bad boy’ that has a heart of a kitten, if you can get there, he does bully on occasion but that's through him taking out his issues on other people, sadly he does bully Alayna before he recognizes her. He also has severe anger issues and each little thing can turn him into a volcano of anger and like a tornado he hurts everything in his path, but it doesn't last long. He also likes to drink.. A lot. I mean so do Luke Ash Cal, but Michael more than others. He just needs someone to calm his temper.


Calum Zayn Liam and Louis do smoke, sadly enough. Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis are in One Direction, the other lads are in 5 Seconds of summer, a small unpopular-ish youtube band, now they never had a girl. So when they get signed...well become famous, they go out and use girls since they got famous, multiple groupies in one night..wonder who they are gonna be..

And times are tough cos of touring..when they have to leave people and also when PR relationships come. Will they boys be the same?? Or will everything Change. Read “When the Sun met the Moon” to find out.

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