When The Sun Met The Moon

Screen Play Format - based off of a RP


2. One

XxChaper 1xX



*I walk around waiting for first bell, frowning* *I would text Michael, but 4 years ago he changed his number, and his IG and twitter are nowhere to be found* *I sigh and think* he probably forgot about me anyway. I used to be ‘girly tomboy’ now i'm unrecognizable with this long hair, fringe bangs and all black clothes + glasses. Oh well.  *I take out my schedule. And speak in my head* A period;Wellness (health and gym combined) . B period; Chemistry A. C period; Geometry B.  D period; Journalism 1A. E period; Music. F period; LUNCH!!!! G period; sociology and H Period;  study. Not bad. Other than me not knowing anybody.


Michael: *Michael leans against a locker, chatting with Luke, Calum and Ashton* Ugh I fucking hate school...


Alayna: *Alayna takes out her headphones, leans against a wall. She puts her headphones in, and she then balares Faithless (i am) by Hotel Books* *She closes her eyes, feelinging the cool breeze and warm sun on her skin. Bus Duty is always outside, which she very much fancys*


Michael: Hey. You're new right? I'm Michael. Faithless?


Alayna: *Alayna doesn't hear him, she's blocking out the world with her high music*


Michael:*Michael taps her shoulder* Hello?!


Alayna: *She takes out one headphone, her eyes still closed* Yes?


Michael: Are you new here? I'm Michael.


Alayna: *She pauses her Music* Yes I am new. I'm Al- *Alayna pauses, she wants to be someone new. And she wants her old life behind her* I'm Tallulah. *in away she didn't lie, that's her middle name.*


Michael: Well nice to meet you. Is that Faithless? That album is amazing.


Alayna: Yeah It is. I really do like him. Hotel Books, Cam anyway,  


Michael: Great band. True. I hate waiting out here… I'm so fucking pale...


Alayna: *She pauses* Yeah… Uhm I should go to class. Ill see you later I guess.


Michael: Where is your first class? I'm going to Wellness first.


Alayna: *looks at schedule* 208, Wellness with Mr. Leavis.


Michael: That is exactly where I am going. Could I join you to walk there?


Alayna: Oh cool. Uhm sure. I don’t even know where to go so. *She Takes Her Phone out*


Michael: Awesome. I will escort you. Could I put my number in?


Alayna: Why? I don’t really know you, so sorry no.


Michael: Oh… I was gonna text you to see if you wanted to hang out with some of my friends, they are really cool.


Alayna: *shakes head* If i get to know you, I have trust issues so. Yeah.


Michael: Oh ok… *Michael rubs the back of his neck*


Alayna: *Scrolls through Instagram, Liking pictures of guitars* *First Bell Rings*


Michael: Hmm fun fact about me. I play guitar. I have uh… hold on… four guitars.


Alayna: Fun fact about me I have a guitar shoppe. I've been here for a good month, moving and all, I just finished unpacking and i opened a guitar shoppe next to my house to get money.


Michael: Really? That is so cool. I'll have to check it out sometime.


Alayna: Yeah, they are like limited edition, I guess.  I have one for 30k signed and used by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day .

Michael: Oh my god that is awesome! How'd you score that?!



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