When The Sun Met The Moon

Screen Play Format - based off of a RP


5. four

Xx Chapter 4: Olivia xX


Liam: I'm not sure about this math problem Liv. You may have to go in for extra help

Liv: Ugh… I know. I am terrible at math… *Olivia pouts and looks up at Liam* Help me, you are the smart one.

Liam: *Liam Shrugs* I just don’t know, I'm stressed. I have to come up with a speech.

Olivia: What for? Maybe I can help. I'll write your speech and you can do this math problem

Liam: Ok. The speech is for equal human rights with the intellectual autonomy of the brain saying why people judge and don’t accept things the way they are and how the brain waves move when something is different. Yeah…

Olivia: Oh wow, ok. *Olivia grabs Liam's notebook and writes a two page essay* All done!

Liam; *Does Olivia’s Homework* Done

Olivia: Now can we actually hang out? My mom is dying for you to come over. She misses you coming around.

Liam: I’ll have to ask my mom. *Whips out his phone*

Olivia: Ok. Oo I hope you can.

Liam: Mum said yes, i just have to be home by 12. It’s Friday… OH THAT PARTY IS TONIGHT..i didn't get invited..

Olivia: You will get in. Just stick close to me. The football boys won't mind.

Liam: really? I've never been before.

Olivia: It'll be a lot of fun. I promise.

Liam: Yay.

Olivia: Now let's go. My mom wants us home soon. It's almost dinner time. Plus I need to get ready for the party.

Liam: Invite Alayna, that would be cool.

Olivia: Oh yay! I will when I see her. Come on!

Liam: Ugh its only A period.


*Last Bell rings*

Olivia: Hey Liam! Have you seen Alayna?

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