When The Sun Met The Moon

Screen Play Format - based off of a RP


6. five


Alayna: You said my name? *Walks up to Olivia, and Liam, outside while swinging her keys*

Olivia: I said your name! Would you want to go a party tonight? It's going to be so much fun! It'll be a good chance to meet new people.

Alayna: I don't really know anyone tho….

Olivia: That's the point of a party! Please come with?

Alayna: But I have Social Anxiety *She leans against Michael*

Michael: We'll hang out together. We don't have to be social with anyone. I want to know how you've been.

Alayna: ok mikey.

Olivia: Yay! The party is at 7. Michael, I will text you the address.

Michael: You don't need to. I will sense your presences down the road

Alayna: Ha.


*the party*

Alayna: *alone, michael ran to the bathroom, walks around bumps into some jock*

Zayn: Watch where you are go- Hey. You new? Cool shirt.

Alayna: Yeah, thanks, I like your earrings.

Zayn: *Zayn smiles down at you* Need a refill on beer? Not the greatest but it's the best we can get. For our age at least.

Alayna: It sucks ass. No offense. Can’t afford any good shit?

Zayn: No offense taken. It's awful beer. And most of us are broke. We usually get one of Calum’s buddies to buy us some good stuff. Tonight is just awful

Alayna: My house is across the street, if you wanna help i have like the 500$ beer, l    like 120 cans of them. My parents are alcoholics so we got everything.

Zayn: Oh wow. Yea that would be amazing! How'd you get in the party? *He walks with you to get the alcohol*

Alayna: Olivia *walks outside, to the house, going in the shed, and grabbing the beers* this is some strong shit

Zayn: She's nice. Heard she was good in bed. Just a rumour though. Oh god that is strong.

Alayna: TMI TMI. And let’s go back. Ill be wasted *laughs*

Zayn: Let's go.

Xx Chapter 6: Alayna’s Drunk, Nightmares again: ALAYNA xX

Alayna: Wow. *She puts her beer down*

Michael: Oh gosh you are drunk. Need help? *Michael holds onto you, keeping you up*

Alayna: *She smirks at him, drunk* Yeah

Michael: Let's get your drunk ass home.

Alayna: My parents are gonna kill me. All the rum is gone and I'm the wasted one. *Kisses his cheek, laughing*

Michael: Cheeky much? Then my house it is. We have an extra bedroom that you can stay in.

*Mikeys house*

A: Ahh ekk I'm tired. *Lays on the guest bed* NIGHT MICHAEL! *yells*

Michael: Goodnight, I will see you in the morning, yea?

Alayna: yup. *dreams about being bullied, and hit with her parents beer bottles* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *sits up, sweating*


Michael: *Michael runs in* Alayna? Are you ok? Oh my gosh.

Alayna: I'm fine..Just a nightmare, it’s normal for me. Sorry to wake you.

Michael: Want me to cuddle you like I used to?  *Michael smiles softly*

Alayna: yeah. *lays on side*

Michael: *Michael spoons Alayna tightly, bringing his lips to the back of her neck*

Alayna: *I hold onto his hand* Night Mikey.

Michael: Goodnight, Sleep well

Alayna: *i wake up around 1am* shit...my mom is gonna kill me….beating #6 probs...

Michael: Hmm?

Alayna: I gotta go mikey *he doesn't know i get hurt at home*

*i walk down the street, I bump into drunk Zayn* oh hi again.

Zayn: Heeeeyyyy! That alcohol was amazing!

Alayna: Ha, Thanks. You need a ride home? I'm pretty sober now.

Zayn: Please. I will be so great full.

A: *i take him home* *i walk him to his room* *

Zayn: You are really cool. *He kisses Alayna's lips softly*

Alayna: Oh thanks.. Uheem. I should go..

Zayn: Stay with me baby. I don't want to be lonely. It's dangerous on the streets at night. Lots of crazies.

Alayna: Really? They cant be that bad. I can easily rip someones dick off.

Zayn: That would hurt like hell. *Zayn brings his lips to her neck, sucking lightly*

Alayna: hm yeah...what you doing…

Zayn: You are so sweet. Can I make out with you? Damn.

Alayna: No. I don--

Zayn: That's too damn bad. *Zayn presses you against the wall, holding your thighs, pressing himself against you*

A: Please get off of me.

Zayn: Why babe? Everyone wants me. And damn baby I want you.

A: Then those people must me deaf and blind *sasses, nastily*

Zayn: Are you fucking telling me that I am not hot?

A; Louis Tomlinson of 1D ass is prettier than you. And i dont even know what he looks like i just know his name and voice,

Zayn: Oh? *Zayn smirks and begins singing softly* remind you of anyone baby?

A: Hmm Zayn Javadd Malik

Zayn: And that is my name sweetie

A: Never realized he was such a  douche *pushes him away, walking outside. I go home to my drunken parents*

Michael: *He texts you: Hey, you go home? You never said goodbye.*

Alayna: yeah *texts back* I'M HOMEE

Mom: Where the hell were you?! It is one in the morning!

A: Michael’s place…..

Mom: that boy is bad for you! Don't you dare talk to him ever again!

A: Fuck you. Hes my fren and i love him.





Dad; *hes physical*

Dad: YOU LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! *He slaps you across the face*


Dad: YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERED OUR CHILD ANYMORE! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER RETURN! *he punches you in the stomach and shoves you to the ground*

A: WHY! BECAUSE I'M “EMO” AND SUICIDAL!!!!!!!!!??? FUCK YOU * i run outside, dad shoots a gun, making me run faster, mom throws a bottle at me, it pierced my leg* MIKEYYYYYYY its 2am MRS.CLIFFORD MR.CLIFFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael: oh my gosh, what is wrong? *he holds you*

A: mom and dad are drinking again and they dont consider me their child anymore dad slapped and punched me..

Mrs. Clifford: you can stay here. We don't want you getting hurt even more than you already are.

A: thank you so much Mrs. Clifford (karen)

Karen: You are welcome sweetie. The guest bedroom is all set up.

A: Ill have to get some clothes tomorrow when they are at work. I follow michael upstairs, i go in his room instead*

Michael: Oh hi. Cuddle time? *He smiles at you softly*

A: Yeah *i fall asleep in his arms, karen walks in* mikeys still awake

Michael: Hey mom.

Karen: She really missed you Michael.

Michael: I missed her too. Why did we have to move?

Karen: you know it was because your father got a new job. You two were so close. It's a good thing you both are so close again.

Darrell: You dating yet?

Michael: I want to… I'm scared she won't say yes. I don't want to ruin our friendship.

Darrell: Mike, its obvious she loves you

Michael: I will ask her out- to be my girlfriend once we get close again.

*They leave*

Alayna: *i cuddle into michaels chest, wraping my legs around his legs*

Michael: Hey Alayna.


Michael: I love you too. *Michael kisses your lips softly, holding your waist* I've been waiting forever to do that. W-will you be my girlfriend?


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