Werewolf and Vampire Forbiden love

Tenshi wakes up at her old friends the sakamaki's house but ends up being mates with her worst enemy. Will true love Prevail or will she betray her mate to be with the one she truly loves? Will she sacrifice her magic or control it?


2. 2. Seeds of love (LEMON)

As I stepped out of the corner shower I wrapped a thick white towel around myself and went back into the bedroom, all the while ignoring the way my stomach was clenching at the mere thought of having Kanato inside me. Not Kanato as my mate, but Kanato as the man who had an overwhelming effect on my body merely by looking at me.

Hearing a low growl, I slowly turned her head. Closing the bedroom door was Kanato, staring at me with such heat in his eyes that I sucked in a breath.

“You have tattoos,” he all but growled. By the way he was looking at me. Going from my tattoo on my ankle to the howling wolf on my shoulder he couldn’t decide which he liked best, the anklet or the howling wolf on her shoulder.

I grinned wickedly. “So I do.”

By the look on his face like all the guys all he wanted right then was to trace both with his tongue, but he doubted he’d have the self-restraint to take things nice and slow when his lust for me was like a fever in his blood. But im just guessing there. But that’s what happens with all the other boys. Except they normally have no nuts left when they strip.

“Lose the towel,” he ordered. Not many people would dare to ignore an order from him, but of course I did. “Lose the towel,” he repeated. But I only smiled.

“Honestly, does that usually work?” I could understand if it did. Hell, that implacable, uncompromising tone had very nearly worked on me. I was just so damned horny and my wolf craved his possession, but even my wolf knew he had to prove he was worthy of her surrender.

“I know you’re a werewolf, Tenshi, but I think you might be forgetting that I am a vampire. Believe me when I say that I will have your submission.”

“Unleash the beast if you want. I’ll try not to laugh, I promise.”

 “Don’t make me chase you, baby. Don’t make me have to spank that ass.” Not that that would be such a bad thing. “Come. Here.”

“Yeah, well, ordinarily I would but it’s been such a long day and -” Abruptly he dived at me but I swiftly and skilfully dodged him and managed to place a good distance between us.

“You want this, Tenshi.” He grinned as my  gaze zoomed in on his hands as he unsnapped the buttons of his fly. His painfully hard cock sprang out and I licked my bottom lip. He groaned then shoved down his jeans and stepped out of them. “I can smell your arousal,” he added as he unbuttoned his shirt and had me backing up toward the bed.

“If you say so.” I aloofness might have been more convincing if my voice hadn’t been so hoarse with lust. In my defence, his body was unbelievable. All muscle and sinew and power, but not in that over-the-top way were veins were popping out or anything. No, it was all sleek, smoothly shaped muscle made all the more better by that golden tan. My wolf was growling her approval, wanting me to lick a path along that golden skin from the column of his throat to the base of that thick, long cock. It wasn’t such a bad idea.

“I can sense how hard your wolf’s riding you.”

“First off that’s creepy and second jealous that she is and you’re not?” Again he rushed at me but again I dodged him, jumping onto the large bed and then running across it to land nimbly on the other side.

His expression was castigating as he stood on the opposite side of the bed. “You’re denying me what’s mine. That hot little body is mine now.”

“You really believe that? Ah, bless your little heart.” His long arm shot out and his hand snagged the end of the towel, whipping it away. Bastard.

As his gaze caressed my naked body and took in all that flawless creamy skin, Kanato actually looked like he’d been poleaxed. Although I was slender, I wasn’t skinny or fragile looking. I was lithe and sinuous with gently and perfectly curved hips, shapely toned legs, and a gorgeous set of breasts. I could see his mouth start to water as he caught sight of my completely bald pussy. “Mine.”

“I’m afraid not, big boy.”

He leapt across the bed and grabbed my arm but I expertly twisted out of his hold and backed away. “You can keep running from me but it won’t change anything.”

“I belong to no one but myself.”

“That mark right there – my mark that I gave you when we were younger – says different.”

“I’m your mate,” she allowed, “but I don’t belong to you or anyone else. Well, actually, if you want to get technical about it, I’m not actually your mate yet,” I added with a smile.

“Oh you will be very soon, baby, once I shove my cock inside you.” He charged at me with renewed vigour, catching me just as I turned, and crammed me against the wall, my back to his chest.

I struggled and twisted but his body was like a cage around me. “Move you son of a -” Then abruptly he plunged a long finger inside me, addressing that aching emptiness, and I practically liquefied against the wall, moaning.

“That’s it, baby, be still for me.” He kept his thrusts shallow and leisurely, licking his claiming mark and liking my answering tremor. “Feel good?”

“It’s alright, I guess.”

He had to smile. “It’s alright, huh?” I cried out as he plunged another finger inside me. “You’re so tight,” he groaned. “Tight. Hot. Wet. Mine.”


“Well, baby, while I’m finger-fucking you against this wall and you’re moaning like crazy it sure feels like I own you.”

“Never in a million years, asshole,” she growled.

“Asshole…Now you’re just giving me ideas.” He withdrew his fingers and moved one to the puckered hole at the back, circling it teasingly. “One day, I’m going to fuck this gorgeous ass.”

“I’m curious, do you retreat into your fantasy world often?” Catching him off-guard, I sharply jammed my elbow into his ribs, making him jerk back just enough for me to duck out under his arm. Sometimes it was good to be small and slim.

To my frustration I had only gotten a few steps when a strong arm looped around me and he tackled me to the ground. Then I was flipped onto my back and Kanato’s mouth closed over my nipple and sucked hard.

“Oh God,” I breathed. Moaning, I cradled his head and scrunched his hair in my hands. Each tug on my nipple sent sparks of pleasure shooting to my clit, making me writhe and squirm beneath him.

Abruptly he meshed his lips with mine, forcing his tongue inside to glide against my own. “I’m going to fuck you now,” he rumbled. “I’m going to fuck this body that now belongs to me. Mine,” he growled, punctuating it with a bite to my lower lip.

As I met his gaze I saw hunger, anticipation and determination, and there was something else – possessiveness. “No.” I dealt him a harsh blow to the chest which had him jerking into an upright position. Quickly I flipped to her stomach and was almost fully on my feet when he gripped me by the hips and yanked me down onto his lap. He growled something that sounded like ‘Got you’ and then impaled me on his cock. The pleasure and pain of it had my back arching as I cried out.

Kanato groaned as my inner muscles clamped down on him. “Take all of it, Tenshi,” he demanded through his teeth. He slowly lifted me until only the head of his cock was inside me and then slammed me back down onto him. “All of it.” He raised me again, enjoying the feel of my juices coating his cock, and then he impaled me to the core, seating himself to the balls.

“Oh fuck yeah.” I was so tight and hot around him that he was close to coming already. As he gave me a moment to adjust to his invasion, he nibbled at my spine and then pulled me back against his chest so he could graze his teeth over his claiming mark. “You okay?”

Okay? I was absolutely freaking amazing. The pressure of his size stretching me stung and burned, but it was a delicious pain and I was revelling in it. I gasped as he suddenly lifted me again. The movement was slow, forcing me to feel every inch of him dragging against my sensitive inner walls. Something between a moan and a whimper escaped my throat.

“Shhhh,” he soothed. “Such a good girl taking all of my cock,” he praised as he once again slowly impaled me on him. Twice more he did it, loving my drawn-out moans and the way I squirmed restlessly. “Are you going to tell me no again?” I shook my head, moaning. This time he lifted me fully off him, then rose to his feet and propped me up on her hands and knees on the bed. “I need it hard and fast, Tenshi. Can you take it?”

“Do it.”

“Good girl.” Gripping my hips, he rammed into me so hard I fell forward so that I was resting on my elbows. That was even better.

I cried out as he began mercilessly pounding into me with deep, dazing strokes that were zapping me with bliss. Nothing should feel this good, I was sure of it. It had definitely never felt this good before, but I’d known it would be this way and it had scared me. Now, though, as he tunnelled in and out of me reaching depths that had until now been untouched, there was no fear, only sheer and utter carnal bliss.

As Kanato gazed down at all that creamy skin of my back, that unmarked creamy skin, I could tell he had the urge to bend down and sink his teeth into wherever he could reach. He closed his eyes against the impulse. He wouldn’t mark me again, he told himself. He’d fuck me and ensure I knew that I was his, but he wouldn’t mark me again. Twice already he had marked me when the one claiming bite was all they needed. He didn’t need to possessively mark me up with claws and teeth to leave his brand all over me the way he wanted to. The way Kanato  the man wanted to.

“Do you like that? Does it feel good having my cock inside you?” my response was a feverish moan that was a clear yes. “That’s a very good thing because I’m going to be in here often. Taking what’s mine.”

“Not yours,” I growled.

His next thrust was extra hard – a warning, a punishment. “Keep growling at me, keep telling me you’re not mine, I dare you.”

“I’m not yours.” I reached back with one arm and grazed his chest with my claws. Not enough to leave a permanent mark, just enough to caution him. I growled when I felt the slash of claws along the flesh of my lower back – these were deeper, would mark. “Don’t you dare brand me, you son of a bitch.” I gasped as a hand came down sharply on my ass and then his hand knotted in my hair and he dragged me up so my back was arched against his chest.

“I’ll mark you wherever I want,” he growled into my ear, still ruthlessly hammering into me. Abruptly he sank his teeth into my nape and started to drink my blood where he left his mark. “You’re my girl, Tenshi, say it.”

I snapped my teeth at him, missing his jaw by mere inches. “Fuck you!”

Again Kanato spanked my ass hard. “Let’s try that again, shall we. Whose girl are you, Tenshi? Who do you belong to?”

“I’m your girl, but I don’t belong to you!” my wolf would disagree with me on that one though

“The two can’t be separated, it doesn’t work that way.”

Pissed off that he was right, I growled my annoyance and struggled against him but he only tightened his hold on my hair.

“You’re not going to get away. Not until I’ve pumped every ounce of my cum inside you. Now, who do you fucking belong to?”

After a slight hesitation I conceded with a snarl, “You.”

“That’s right, baby, and just in case you’re ever tempted to forget…” He yanked my head back and bit down hard into the soft flesh of my neck where it would be visible for all to see. And where it would leave a permanent mark.

Just like that, even though I hated what he’d done, a wickedly powerful orgasm crashed into me and I screamed my release.

As my muscles closed bitingly around him, Kanato exploded inside me with a loud, guttural groan, marking me with his cum just as surely as he’d marked me with his teeth. Shit, she had never fucked like that, never cum so damn hard. She couldn’t decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing that this male could make her mindless.

As I collapsed forward onto the bed and Kanato got a look at my body,s he had the urge to slap him. In addition to his claiming bite and the one he’d given me to cover Ayato’s, there was a bite on my nape, there were claw marks on my back, his handprints on my ass, another bite on the very visible part of my neck, and claw marks on my hips where he’d held me. The worst of it was that every single one of those brands gave him and her wolf a kind of masculine satisfaction.


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