Werewolf and Vampire Forbiden love

Tenshi wakes up at her old friends the sakamaki's house but ends up being mates with her worst enemy. Will true love Prevail or will she betray her mate to be with the one she truly loves? Will she sacrifice her magic or control it?


1. 1. mysterious encounter

“Uhhhhhhhhh. Where am I?”  I asked as I looked around.

Full moons were never fun. Especially when you have only just turned 15 and you can’t change into your true form. Being a ‘demented’ werewolf sucks.

“Uhhhhhh. I see little bitch has finally woken up,” an all too familiar voice said to me as I came face to face with Liato and Ayato sakamaki.

I groaned as I sat up headbutting them as I did.

“What do you want now Sakamaki’s?” I asked as I realised that I was sitting in their house with the rest of the family was sitting there staring at me. Even the two people I hated most were there. Kanato sakamaki and Karlheinz. I just glared at them.

“That’s no way to talk to your new Masters Tenshi,” Karlheinz said as he picked me up by my arm and went to bit me on the neck.

Just as I felt his hot breath on my neck I kneed him in the stomach and bared my razor fangs. They were the only part of my body other than my finger nails that I could make like a wolf’s.

“Calm down there Kitten,” Ayato said to me as he put his hand on my shoulder.

“Remove your arm before it becomes my new chew toy Ayato,” I growled through my teeth never once taking my eyes off the sakamaki’s.

“Tenshi you need to calm down unless you want to get punished,” Reiji said with a playful glint I his eyes.

I of all people knew that he wants to kill me and make sure that the werewolf line never continues. Seeing as I’m the only werewolf with magic left on this planet other than my brother who is now a vampire crossbreed because of Karlheinz.

“Come on little bitch,” Laito said as he pulled my up the stairs and into his room.

I pulled his wrist up to my mouth and bit him. I bit down on his vein and blood splurged all over the walls and floor. I had to admit vampire blood tastes really good even though they’re technically dead. He let out a blood curdling scream that made Karlheinz and all his brothers come running up the stairs. Before they got there I had used my air powers to disappear. I wound up in a fully furnished room with clothes my size and a box of chocolates with a card with my name on it. I reappeared and walked over to my bed. I suddenly felt a surge of happiness and desperation. I turned around slowly and saw Kanato standing there and the feeling intensified. It suddenly snapped. Kanato is my mate. But why Kanato? He’s so weird and we’ve never gotten along. Even though as children we played truth or dare with his brothers.

“What are you doing here Kanato?” I snapped at him so loud I thought I saw him flinch.

“I just wanted to see how my girl was going. Unless you’ve forgotten our childhood promise,” he smiled sadistically.

I glared at him and walked into my bathroom to take a shower. As I took my warm shower I couldn’t get kanato out of my head. Uhhh. Why did he of all people have to be my mate? I couldn’t stop wondering about what it would be like if he was inside me and what it would be like with him pleasuring me in all ways. Why did it have to be Kanato and not Subaru my best friend of all the Sakamaki’s

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