Impossible Reality

When the mother of aria wiltz is found dead by the edge of a cliff, everything starts to go down hill. Her friends help her through her troubles and every step of the way to finding the cause.
With terrifying messages and death defying events, the girls find themselves in a world full of impossibilities……..


1. The Worst of Times

Chapter 1-

The Worst Of Times


The night before my worst nightmare came true, my mother had been drinking and I was left alone to play the role of the grown up. But I should have been used to it. I had dealt with my mother’s drinking situation often enough, why was it so hard to take the weight off my shoulders. Maybe it was because she  was gone and the pain was torturing me. We always had fights and I claimed that I hated her, but evidently that wasn’t true because i wouldn’t be so torn apart about my mother’s death if i literally hated her. The night that it happened, she had been drinking, at that moment i could feel something terrible was going to happen because every time there was alcohol something was wrong.

It actually happened  the exact day that my father had left us 13 years ago when I was just 3. What kind of father leaves his three year old daughter with her always intoxicated and irresponsible mother? But every year she did the almost exact same thing on this date but the night never ended like this. It started of with her drinking bottles and bottles of alcohol then wandering around in the forest that lead to the cliff edge we lived on. My mother used to tell me the story about how we ended up living in a cliff. Years before I was born, my parents decided to buy a small cottage far from the rest of the people in our city, so that we could have lots of space and time together. When they came across this one, my parents immediately fell in love with it and bought this place and we have lived here ever since but she wandered too far to the edge so I decided to follow her to make sure she didn’t get hurt. My mother was too intoxicated that she tried to slap me and push me away but instead tripped on a tree root and became unconscious.

I panicked and ran to call for help, but by the time I had gotten back with paramedics, she was gone. All that was left was her blood drenched body. I fell onto my knees and that was all I could remember from that night.

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