In between

This story is about the in between of everything we do like when we can't be with or do the things we love it's what we do in between.


1. The problems begin

So after Zac started to do drugs, his relationship with Addy started to fall apart. They started to get into more and more fights. Even when Zac went partying with his friends they noticed he was acting strange. Then Zac went up to the top of the building and paced back and forth until he jumped to his death. Some people believe it was the drugs but it could've been many thugs going on in his life. It's our in between that either recks us or builds us up. Zac commited sucuide and poor Addy was alone again, or was she? This is what happens when you do drugs it can be your in between, but instead of the kind that lifts you up it breaks you down.

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