In between

This story is about the in between of everything we do like when we can't be with or do the things we love it's what we do in between.


3. St. Germane

This second story is about the in between of a guy named Jacques St. Germane. He was many things such as handsome and pretty rich and popular. He knew how to throw a party. He was claimed to be a vampire. He was also claimed to be Count St. Germane. The story begins when he threw a party. Some of his guests started to become suspicious when they noticed that he had never eaten anything from his parties and all he would drunk was wine. So his guests became curious and so they asked if they could have some and he said he didn't have much so he wanted it to last. So they respected that. Then this lady was found naked outside his house and had a huge gash mark on her neck. She claimed that he ran at her at an inhuman speed and bit her on the neck and threw her outside. Then when the police came to investigate the found an empty house with a hidden room full of wine. They thought they could get a little drunk while they were there but it was alcohol and human blood and then they haven't seen him since.

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