Dark Living: Blue Moon

David and Carol take a backpacking trip across central Europe, only to come across a small town terrorized by a violent creature. Instead of worrying about it, it should be worried about them.


8. Chapter 8

The Litor roared (even without its lower jaw) and rapidly clawed itself through the ground towards the woman as Carol and David tired to hold it back and the woman began screaming.  Carol roared, “RUN!” But the woman stood there, curled up and cringed, and still continued to scream as the creature slowly crawled its way towards her and David yelled, with irritation in his voice, “MOVE YOUR ASS, HARLET!” And the woman still did not move and continued to scream in terror.  David and Carol cringed as they tried both to hold the creature back and tear it apart, but it still continued to crawl towards the screaming woman, snarling and roaring as it grew closer.  Carol cringed and looked extremely annoyed as she tried to both stop and kill The Litor while listening to the creature roar at the terrified, screaming pedestrian and Carol let out her emotions as she roared, “FUCK THIS!” And in one thrust she speared her right paw through The Litor’s gapping mouth and the creature stopped crawling forward and looked at the screaming woman with its wide eyes and in one pull, Carol ripped The Litor’s throat and tongue out, sending chunks of green liquid muscle and various bodily parts out through the creature’s mouth and the creature face plants to the ground and laid motionless just as the boombox finished playing and the lead singer of The Marcels sang, “Ba ba ding a dong ding, Blue moon.” 


    There was silence, as the woman stopped screaming, and David and Carol unmoved as they awaited for The Litor to make a surprise move.  The woman suddenly screamed again and took David and Carol by surprise as they both cringed in anger at the woman and cursed, “Damn it woman!” “Fucking prick!” The woman kept screaming and David snarled at her (reveling his green covered lips and fangs), “Woman if you don’t shut up, I swear to God..!” The woman then cried louder and David started getting up, hurriedly, when Carol stuck her right, bloody, paw at him and spoke over the woman’s screams, “Wait dumb shit!  Help me get this carcass off of me!” David looked frustrated as he replied (grudgingly), “Fine.” Carol growled at him angrily, “Well excuse me bloodsucker!  This asshole weighs a ton!  And we need to get this thing off the road before we attract more screaming morons like her!” David lifted the dead creature off Carol as she got up and they both grabbed the adult cow size Litor out of the open as its green blood dripped all over the ground beneath it and moved the body behind a large, thick tree at the edge of the forest and they ignored the fact that the woman stopped screaming as she watched in horror as Carol and David moved the dead Litor.  David took a few heavy breaths before he straightened up and stated, “I think that takes of dinner.” He then looked at the stunned woman with his wide, blood colored eyes and the back packing woman yelped before she ran down the road a few yards and then entered the forest (away from David and Carol) as David and Carol (still in their vampire and werewolf form) looked on with puzzled expressions before Carol broke the silence (except the woman started her screaming, again), “These people, are stupid.” David acknowledged, “You can say that again.” Carol looked at The Litor’s bloody carcass and said, “You take care of that stupid broad.  I’ll prepare this ass for dinner.” David grinned, revealing his green covered fangs and teeth as he asked, “Can I have fun with her in the meantime?” Carol looked at him with glaring yellow eyes till she understood what he meant and gave a single chuckle before she replied, “Yeah, have fun scaring her to death.” David started stepping away when Carol yelped (forcing David to stop), “Bring back some blood, so we have something to drink!” David glanced back and replied satisfactory, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring back plenty.” He walked again and passed through a small dark patch in the woods (as a large tree blotted the moonlight) and disappeared and Carol gave a short, quiet chuckle as she said, “Show off.” And she looked back at the dead Litor and snarled as she revealed her sharp fangs and went down on the dead carcass and began trying to strip away its flesh, muscles and organs as she prepared for her and David’s banquet. 

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