Dark Living: Blue Moon

David and Carol take a backpacking trip across central Europe, only to come across a small town terrorized by a violent creature. Instead of worrying about it, it should be worried about them.


7. Chapter 7

There was a loud “thud” sound as Carol and The Litor tackled each other and Carol sunken her teeth into The Litor’s throat, but she couldn’t penetrate its scale skin while The Litor sunken its stone teeth into Carol’s left shoulder, making a juicy squishy sound as blood came running out of Carol’s shoulder.  Carol yelped in agony as David dropped down and grabbed the bangs of The Litor’s hair (around its head) and yanked its head back to force it away from Carol while she swiped the creature with her right paw, only it did not leave any claw marks on its face.  Carol cringed and yelped in her deep voice, “Damn it!” The creature roared and swept its right paw, striking Carol across the face and knocking her flat on the ground (as she gave a dog like yelp), nearly taking her jaw off as the creature’s stone like claws left deep and large gash marks across the left side of Carol’s face.  David hissed in anger as he yanked really hard on the creature’s hair while also grabbing its right shoulder and bared his fangs as he went after the creature’s throat when suddenly the creature roared and thrusted his head forward as he clutched David and threw him over its head and slammed his back onto the ground before it pounced on David and began biting and shredding David apart.  Pieces of clothing, blood, skin and muscle flew about, making The Litor’s green, scaly skin glisten off the moonlight from David’s blood as the creature sunk its dry, stone teeth into David’s wet clothing and bloody body as it feasted on him and satisfying its hunger.  The Litor was suddenly speared from the left by Carol (as she howled like an angry wolf) and was knocked off David and slammed its back against a tree and Carol leapt away as the tree fell over The Litor.  Carol remained on all fours as she snarled and glared at where The Litor laid before it got back up and shrugged the bottom of the tree off it (like it was nothing) and paced around the tree stomp (on all fours) as it glared and growled at Carol till it stopped before her and crouched, as if ready to pounce her and Carol asked, “Still alive?” There was a groaning sound and David rasped, “Barely.” Carol glance back and noticed David’s mauled body began to self heal as he tried to sit up and The Litor looked on with curiosity till the creature’s red eyes widen and closed his mouth as it tried to keep itself from throwing up.  Carol looked at the creature, puzzled, when suddenly the creature threw up and Carol looked disgusted and held her right paw to her face as she spoke aloud, “Aw, that’s disgusting!” The creature’s vomit moved and pieces of moistened flesh, internal innards and what appears to be blood separated from the rest of the brownish, multicolored vomit and crawled/slithered there way towards David.  Carol looked, eyes wide as the hair on her face and head stood up and seemed to change color as she watched as the bodily innards, flesh and blood moved towards David and either reattached or returned to David’s body and completed his self healing process.  


    David stood up, slowly, as he groaned and stretched his back and stopped when he noticed he heard the sound of someone throwing up and saw Carol’s, crouching on all fours, back and rear turned to him (with her tail tucked between her legs) and noticed it is her.  David (eyes already returned to normal) smirked, showing the small stubs of his fangs (as they have shrunk) and said, “Weak stomach?” Carol finished and replied (breathing heavily), “Fuck you.” Before she stood up and whipped her mouth with her right paw as she glared back at him and stated, “You know some of your organs were inside of it.” David looked grim and made a deep sigh before he replied, “Trying not to think about that.” Suddenly The Litor roared and tackled him and David yelled, “God damn it!” The Litor began shredding David, again, and Carol snarled in anger and roared, “MOTHERFUCKER!” And she jumped on top of The Litor and desperately clawed its back, trying to rip the scaly skin off its back.  David held the creature’s head back at bay as it repeatedly (desperately) snapped its stone fangs/sharp teeth close to David’s face as David cringed back.  Carol roared, “GET OFF OF HIM YOU SON OF A BITCH!” The creature reared its head back, pulling David’s hands off of its neck main and glared upon David with it’s piercing red, glowing eyes as David looked upon it with his red eyes and snarled, revealing his razor sharp fangs.  The creature roared as it opened its jaws and made one, large thrust at David’s face and before David knew it, his vision is splashed in red while the rest is covered in darkness.  


    The Litor’s fangs hooked into David’s lower and upper cheeks (like fish hooks) and pulled David’s skin like a rubber band and David’s eyes were covered by his skin to the right/left of his eyes.  David screamed both in anger and pain till his cheeks and skin around his jaw were pulled up over where his mouth is and turned his screams into a loud, constant, muffled noise as blood seeped through the open flesh (that was attached to around his eyes, nose and mouth) like tears as David’s face continued to stretch and looked like it was at the point of being torn off.  Carol screamed in furious raged and sunk her fangs into the creature’s left ear and yanked and pulled viciously forcing the creature to howl in agony and, as a result, let go of David’s face.  David’s head snapped back and hit the dirt as The Litor jumped off him and spun in circles and threw its front legs towards its back, trying to snare Carol as she continued to chew/yank the creature’s left ear off when suddenly there was a barely audible flesh tearing sound and Carol was thrown off the creature’s back and rolled onto her stomach hard (making a loud “UF” sound).  The Litor put both of its paws where its left ear should and dark green liquid oozed from between its fingers as the creature rolled on the ground making ear splitting/pathetic yelps of pain, throwing soil and grass into the air as it rolled around and digging its rear legs onto the ground.  Carol got back up on all fours and her mouth is covered in green liquid as she spat something out and said, “I hate taffy.” Carol looked startled as she looked in David’s direction when she heard him scream in anger, “MY FACE, HE FUCKED UP MY FACE!” Carol saw David with his hands to his face before he turned to her and revealed the four, medium size holes in his face, where The Litor tried to rip his face off.  Carol stifled a laugh, but did not hid from David’s attention when he asked angrily, “What?” Carol replied (as she tried to keep from laughing), “You look fucked up!” David glared at her with his red eyes and exposed top two fangs as he made a frustrated growl but looked wide eyed as he noticed The Liter’s left ear lying on the ground, with its green blood surrounding it, and David said, “Huh, I guess it’s not invulnerable after all.” The Litor glared at Carol and David, as if it heard what David said, and put its front paws down and green liquid dripped to the ground from the left side of its face as it snarled at the couple.  Carol spoke with an edge of frustration, “Are you going to stand their mouth breather or are you going to slaughter us?  Cause that shit is getting old!” The Litor roared as it charged at David and Carol with its green blood flying/trailing from where its left ear was and David and Carol hissed and roared as they charged as well and all three tackled each other.


    They all rolled around in the dirt and grass, sending shredded grass and soil flying into the air as David and Carol tried to maul the creature as The Litor is trying to do the same and eat them.  The creature stomped its front left paw on Carol’s left cheek and forced her head onto the ground as she snarled, “GET YOUR NASTY ASS PAW OFF MY FACE!” And she slashed at the creature’s throat, only to make it angrier, and the creature roared as it applied more pressure onto its paw as the creature tried to cave in Carol’s face.  Carol’s eyes began to bulge and her roaring/snarling died as her face began to be pushed into the ground till David sunk his fangs into the gaping hole of The Litor’s left side of its face and more green liquid oozed out as the creature howled in agony.  The creature threw its right, front paw behind its back and snared/slashed the back of David’s head and neck as it threw him off it, only to allow Carol to push up hard and forced the creature to roll over David as David snarled, “Damn it!” And when the creature rolled over him it continued to roll, first back onto Carol’s and then on the creature’s back and Carol roared as she began repeatedly slashing/clawing at the creature.  David hissed and flew right at The Litor, as The Litor swung his right front paw and knocked both David and Carol away from it and landed on their backs hard.  David and Carol struggled to stand as David groaned, “I hate this asshole.” Carol rasped, “No kidding.” The Litor roared as it charged at them and at the same time both Carol and David yelled, “FUCK THIS!” And they roared/hissed as they charged at the creature, tackled each other and again rolled around on the ground clawing, slashing or biting the creature or Carol and David and the air is filled with either snarls, roars, hisses or dog yelps while in the background the song “Blue Moon” continued to play, even when the snarls, hisses and roars began to dissipate and were replaced with the sounds of what can only be described as a screaming banshee and green liquid splashed onto the boom box and did not affect the play of the music by The Marcels.  


    Chunks of hair, from The Liter’s main, flew about as Carol and David furiously clawed/mauled the creature as they tried to dig through The Litor’s scaly skin.  David then grasped both ends of the gaping hole (where The Litor’s left ear was) and pulled with all his might as he snarled and began pulling away the scales to reveal part of the inside of The Litor’s head as the creature howled and threw/kicked its left legs/paws at David and made deep claw marks on his back.  David gritted his teeth from the pain and instead of crying out, David roared and took a large bite out of the exposed part of the creature’s head (where it’s left ear was) and began chewing/tearing into the creature’s head.  At the same time, Carol grappled the creature’s mouth and furiously tried to hold it open as the creature roared/howled, ignoring the fact that the creature’s razor sharp teeth dug into her paws and blood caked the creature’s teeth.  Carol grunted/growled as she pulled hard, even as the creature’s mouth is already wide open, and then she roared as her eyes grew brighter till they were like yellow lights on a car and there is a tearing sound when all of a sudden the creature’s jaw was ripped off, sending green and red liquids spraying/flying to the ground and air like a fire hydrant being flushed.  Carol yelled, “HALLE FUCKING LULLAH!” She tore the scaly skin beneath where the creature’s jaw was and continued, “This thing is a bitch to skin!” David pulled his head back and tore a piece of muscle from the creature’s head and said, “No kid...” He stopped as he looked ahead of them with wide eyes and said, “Uh, honey?” The creature put Carol in a head lock, but it didn’t stop Carol as she continued to claw/maul the creature’s throat and she grunted, “I’m in a hard place!  What?” When he didn’t reply she looked up and both she and The Litor stopped struggling as they all saw a young woman backpacker standing before them with a wide eyed stunned expression on her drained colored face.

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