Dark Living: Blue Moon

David and Carol take a backpacking trip across central Europe, only to come across a small town terrorized by a violent creature. Instead of worrying about it, it should be worried about them.


6. Chapter 6

They walked silently for about a mile till Carol sighed and said, “I’m bored.  Please talk about something.” David sarcastically looked in deep thought and said, “Hmm, how about some music?” They heard a howling noise from their right and they both looked alert and Carol asked, “Is that a wolf?” David replied, “If that’s a wolf then it has a throat problem.” Carol gave a short sigh and said, “Well it’s a good thing it is far from us.” There was another howling noise and Carol spoke with growing anger, “This is not what I need to listen to, for the rest of the night.” David set his backpack down, opened it and began scrounging through as the same animal made another howling noise and Carol glared down at David and spoke firmly, “Hurry up.  I get a weird feeling it is coming closer.” David then pulled out a small boombox, before closing up his backpack, and stated, “I think this should drive away his attention.” He attached the boombox to the back of his backpack when Carol saw a shape of a four legged animal standing on top of a flat rock  (with the full moon partially covered by a cloud behind it) reared its head and made a howling noise (that sounded like a cross between a lion and a gator) Carol looked wide eyed and exclaimed as she pointed up and ahead of them, “Look!” David pressed the play button as he looked up (where Carol was pointing at) and he had a look, like he was amused, as the speakers on his boombox issued someone’s deep voice saying, “Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang. Ba ba ding a dong ding Blue moon moon blue moon dip di dip di dip...” Carol looked at David, with a confused expression, and asked, “Is that Blue Moon by The Marcels?” David replied, “Yep.” The animal on top of the flat rock looked down upon them and Carol and David looked at the animal with hard looks and Carol asked, “Is it me or those red dots its eyes?” David contemplated when all of a sudden the animal disappeared in a blink of an eye, taking Carol by surprise, and David looked on with wide eyes and replied, “Huh, I guess I don’t have to worry about that.” Carol cringed and looked at him, as if he’s crazy, as David shrugged his shoulders and started walking as he said, “Might as well keep grooving.” Carol stared at him, for a few moments, before shaking her head in disbelief and hopped to the beat of the music, as she tried to catch up to David.


    The moment Carol reached David, a large, four legged shadow appeared at the edge of the forest behind them and slowly approached with its red eyes glinting in the only light that came from the moon (over the bend around a hill where David and Carol approached) and Carol called out, “I think you scared the runt away!” When David approached around the bend, he suddenly stopped as he looked up at the bright, full, blue moon and stood there as if he turned to stone and said, “My, the moon sure is full tonight.” Carol came up along David’s left side and stood still as well, unawares that the large creature that is behind them slowly approached, with the song Blue Moon by The Marcels boomed from the boombox masked the creature’s approach.  Carol spoke (as if in a trance), “Woah, that is one, bright, moon.” David said, “That explains the howling from that wolf.” Carol spoke, “I don’t think that was a wolf.” The creature then appeared out of the shadows to reveal the Litor, baring its razor sharp, stone teeth, with its scaly skin glinting from the moon light when Blue Moon replayed on the boombox and the lead singer of The Marcels sang, “Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang. Ba ba ding a dong ding Blue moon...” The moment Blue moon was spoken, David and Carol looked back (straight at the Litor) and smiled, revealing their sharp, protruded, fangs as Carol’s eyes turned yellow and David’s red.  The Litor gave a confused/worried look as it saw their smiling faces and Carol spoke (as her normal voice started to turn from soft to a deep throat), “You picked the wrong meal, dude.” And they both dropped their backpacks and the boombox (as the song Blue Moon still continued to play) while The Litor watched as Carol and David fully transformer into a werewolf and a vampire, as they growled/snarled during the transformation and The Litor took a few steps back as its scales and hair flatten and its tail pointing down and under it as the creature tried to look fearsome, only to look more worried.  When the transformation completed, Carol and David grinned as they snarled or mouth breathed as they looked at The Litor and David spoke and grinned, “Dinner time.” The Litor bared its stone fangs and deep red eyes as it roared and Carol replied in kind as she bared her fangs and her eyes turned bright yellow while David hissed as he bared his fangs and red eyes and Carol and The Litor charged straight at each other while David leapt high at the creature.

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