Dark Living: Blue Moon

David and Carol take a backpacking trip across central Europe, only to come across a small town terrorized by a violent creature. Instead of worrying about it, it should be worried about them.


4. Chapter 4

Carol watched the bartender, as she walked away, and when she disappeared behind the swinging doors, to the cooking room, Carol turned her attention to David and spoke blatantly and looked frustrated, “This is a dump.” David looked relaxed as he waved his hand down and said, “Calm down, we are only here to eat a quick meal and we will leave.” A rough, older man’s voice spoke aloud, “Not this night!” David and Carol looked over and saw, on the other side of the room, A white haired and bearded, heavy set, man sat at a table with other older and middle aged men that surrounded him in a horseshoe pattern as the man’s vision is unblocked as he and David and Carol looked upon each other.  The old man looked at the couple grimly while David and Carol looked at him with interest and concern as David asked, “Why not?” The old man continued to look on grimly as he spoke, “Because out there, at this very night, the Litor roams about the countryside.” David and Carol looked at him either puzzled or as if the old man’s crazy and Carol asked, “What the hell is a Litor?” For a second the old man smirked while everyone else either snickered or looked amazed before the old man returned to his grim stare and said, “Since you are new here, I might as well tell you the tale.” The people closest to the old man shifted in their seats as they listened to the old man told the tale.  The old man spoke grimly, “A long time ago, a renown scientist experimented on a crossbreed between a lion and an alligator.  Time after time the experiment failed and he was on the verge of financial ruin and his closest colleagues turned their backs on him and was left all alone as he kept trying to find a way to make the crossbreed a success.  One day, an arrogant boy threw a rock through a window that overlooked the series of petri dishes that the scientist painstakingly obtained the DNA from various live lions and alligators and the rock and shattered glass fell on the DNA samples as the scientist screamed in anger as his DNA samples were destroyed......or so he thought.  The scientist sat in his chair and grumbled sadly for the lost of his samples when he looked up as he heard a sizzling sound.  He looked around to see what is causing the sound, but he didn’t have to look for long as he noticed the rock, that had destroyed his samples, disintegrated in the petri dish it laid on and the failed mix of DNA samples of both the lion and alligator bubbled as it merged with the broken down rock.  Before he knew it the DNA grew into a living organism and the creature formed right on the table.  The creature had the body of a male lion, hair and all, except its body is covered with scales and its teeth is made out of stone.  The five foot tall and seven foot long Litor turned to the scientist’s direction and glared at the terrified scientist with its red, bloodshot, eyes and it was the last thing the scientist saw before the Litor jumped off the table and killed the scientist just as it tackled him and in one bite it tore the scientist’s head off and shredded his throat into a bloody mess.” The older men and women that surrounded the old man looked on with mixed emotions and one of them gulped in fear when suddenly there was a howling sound in the distance and they all looked in the supposed direction where the sound came from as the old man continued, “That’s it.  It is now roaming the woods finding whoever enters its domain and feasts on their flesh, condemning their souls to Hell for eternity.  Its only weakness...” There is a burst of laughter and the everyone looked with shocked or angered expressions as they saw David and Carol laughing as their table is already setup.


    They continued laughing as Carol slammed her hand on the hardwood table, causing the glass and silverware to rattle, as she laughed almost uncontrollably, even as the people (including the old man) looked at them either shocked or angered.  Carol’s face is red as a cheery as she tried to speak while waving her hand at the onlookers, “I’m sorry, I just can’t control myself!” An older man (wearing a dark green/grey poncho) stood up and spoke loudly, “This isn’t funny!  More than a dozen people have died to this Litor!” David was able to stop laughing and drank a glass of red wine (as the older man spoke) and when the older man finished David raised a finger at him (as David finished his glass), turned to the older man and said, “More than a dozen?  If that is true, then why isn’t this place crawling with police or other government authorities?” The old man answered calmly, “The police have tried to find and capture or kill the creature, but they found nothing and gave up, believing this is a hoax.” Carol stopped laughing at this point and spoke aloud, “Bullshit!  No one in their right mind would allow this thing to keep running around killing people!  Let alone a dumbass scientist to even think of creating a disgusting creature in the first place!” An older woman (looking almost like a grandma) stood up and spoke angrily aloud as she pointed to the old man, “You calling this old man a liar?” Carol laughed, “You bet your ass I am!” Before the woman could yell back, David waved both his hands down and said, “Now, now, lets all calm down.” The older man wearing the poncho asked aloud, “Why should we listen to these YOUNG tourists?  All you know about monsters is what are in the movies or books.” There was a juicy, tearing sound and they all looked to see Carol chewing on a juicy (bloody) steak, using only her hands, with a piece of it hanging from her mouth and dripping as she looked up with a dumbfounded expression and spoke (with food still in her mouth), “What?  Bullshit makes me hungry.” Another older man, sitting, asked, “What makes you think this story, that was passed down from two generations, is a lie?” Carol swallowed her food, whipped her mouth and stated, “Lets see, first of all, you never mentioned the name of the crazy scientist who created it and also, no genius scientist would leave his important work out in the open like that, especially in front of a window.” The people surrounding the old man, including the old man and the bartender, looked at Carol grimly as she continued, “Also, how can the so called SCIENTIST create a creature without having any tools or at least a muzzle to tame it in case it does become violent?  All scientists, even ones that work at high schools, know this and this scientist just sat there, gawking, as this violent creature grew and allowed it to maul him to death!” Some of the older men and women began murmuring to each other as Carol continued, “Also, if there was more than two people killed by this creature the police or this country’s version of the FBI would be all over this place and if they couldn’t find it they would have left a led investigator here and sent out a bulletin for us TOURISTS to stay away.” Carol looked around, sarcastically, before looking back at the old people and said, “I don’t see any warning signs or a chief inspector!” One of the older men said, “She is right.” And the others began to agree when the old man glared at Carol as his face turned red with anger and he spoke firmly, “You, spoiled brat.  This story has been passed down from generation after generation, and you young people think...” Carol lightened up as she cut him off, “Oh and by the way!  If the scientist was working alone and all those closest to him have turned away, who else was there to see this creature give form and kill the scientist with being killed by the creature as well and did not alert the police or the townspeople when the creature started his killing spree?” The people surrounding the old man looked on or gasped in shock as they turned to the old man, expecting him to make a strong reply, only to see the old man’s face turned red as a cherry as he cringed and glared at Carol furiously as he began to stand and snarled, “Why you stupid little bi...” Suddenly the old man looked startled and gasped, as he stood there for only a few moments, as he clutched his chest (over where his heart is) and fell to the floor, convulsing.  The people closest to the old man gasped or gave a short cry and scrambled either to attempt to help the old man, watch or move the furniture and glassware away (only some of the mugs shattered onto the floor) only to have them clatter or smash onto the floor and someone yelled out, “WE NEED A DOCTOR!” Carol rolled her eyes and gave a low snort as she turned her attention back to her meal as David continue to look calmly and sighed before turning to Carol and said, “I guess in a sense I am qualified to be a doctor.” Carol continued eating (using utensils this time and having difficulty cutting and tore pieces of the meat off) as she asked, “Is he worth saving?” David contemplated for a few moments (even as the old man continued to convulse and people around him squabbled at one another as they looked on or pathetically tire to help when one of them ran out the door as the bartender tried to make her way through to help) till he replied calmly, “Now I think about it, it does sound like a good challenge.” Carol waved her hand and said (as she continued eating), “Help yourself.” David smirked before he stood up, calmly and made his way to the old man and spoke allowed, “I am a doctor!”

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