Dark Living: Blue Moon

David and Carol take a backpacking trip across central Europe, only to come across a small town terrorized by a violent creature. Instead of worrying about it, it should be worried about them.


3. Chapter 3

They walked down main street of the village that looked like it did not age since the 19th century with only a handful of people walking about purposely to other buildings in the village.  Carol looked up the buildings to her left and said, “This place looks a little backwards.” David replied, “It’s not so bad, kind of picturesque.” One of the villagers walked by Carol and gave her a strange look and Carol glared back at her and asked firmly and angrily, “What are you looking at handbag?” The woman looked astounded and immediately looked away towards one of the darkened display windows in one of the stores as she quickly walked away and David looked at Carol, questionably, and advised her, “Careful.  We haven’t eaten yet.” Carol looked up at David and spoke firmly, “Then find us a place or I will.” David looked back ahead for a few moments, as they stopped, till he pointed at a building not far ahead and asked, “How about this one?” Carol looked at what he was pointing at and saw a sign hanging over the entrance of the restaurant/bar and it showed a head of a green lion, baring sharp teeth and red eyes and the sign read, “Stone Teeth Pub n’ Eat” Carol gave David a strange look and asked, “Dude, did you loose your marbles before we arrived?” David shrugged his shoulders and stated, “It’s either here or don’t eat at all.  All the other stores and eateries are closed.” Carol looked around and saw the village looked almost like a ghost town with a few random stores still open and she sighed as she turned back and said, “Fine.” David stepped towards the door when Carol put a finger on his chest and stopped him as he looked at her and she stated, “The food better be edible.” David gave a smirked cringe as he held his hands open and replied, “Come on, I’m sure its edible.” Carol sighed as David led and opened the door.


    The door opened fast and almost slammed the wall behind it as David stepped in fast and all the inhabitants in the Pub n’ Eat (about a dozen) looked straight at David and Carol with blank (but alert) expressions.  Carol sighed heavily as she looked on and David looked on as well (but wide eyed) and said, “Uh, ‘oylo.” The stern, rugged, female bartender  gazed at them firmly and asked, “What?” Carol spoke sarcastically before David could, “We are to eat and drink.  Do you have both?” The woman cringed angrily and pointed at a table in the far corner to her right and stated firmly, as she tried to control herself from yelling back at Carol, “Sit there!  Be with you two in a moment!” Carol (ignoring the bartender’s anger look and tone) and David made their way to the table and sat as they waited for the bartender.  As they waited, they looked around and noticed some of the people inside continued to look at them either with odd or threatening stares and Carol spoke quietly, “They are still staring at us.” David leaned to his right (towards her), shrugged his shoulders and whispered back (sarcastically), “We’re younger than they are.” Carol stifled a laugh and spoke quietly, “Bravo.  Looks like you are developing a sense of humor after all.” The heavy seat bartender woman appeared and dropped two menus on the table and glared down at them as she spoke firmly, “Here, and don’t take all night.” David and Carol held back their surprise as they immediately grabbed the menus, looked and noticed there were only five meal choices and they were all burgers while the rest of the menu is filled with various alcoholic beverages.  David looked disappointed while Carol looked frustrated at the meal choices and said, “Not much to debate.” The woman standing over them asked firmly, “Ready then?” Carol glanced at her as she scowled and stated (as she gave the woman back the menu), “I’ll have a steak dinner, raw and bloody.” The woman looked at her with an odd expression and spoke (with a hint or concern), “Okay.  Anything to drink?” Carol rubbed her hands beneath the table as she sat up and replied, “Red wine.” As she smiled at the woman and the bartender looked at Carol worrisome and said, “That can be arranged.” She looked at David, as he looked at the menu (as if debating what to eat and drink) and asked with a hint of frustration, “And you?” He continued looking at the menu for a few moments before handing the bartender the menu and replied as he smirked, “The same, but leave the wine bottle, please.” The woman looked at him with an odd expression as well as she took his menu and said, “Coming right up.” And she walked away. 

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