Not What He Seems

Chad takes things too far in his efforts to torment Evie, Jay, Mal, Carlos, Doug, and even Ben, and they hatch a plan to get their revenge. But when something shocking and sad about Chad is revealed, they find themselves wanting to help him instead of hurt him. What will the VKs and their friends decide to do? Contains violence, depression, and talk of suicide throughout. (Entry for the "Battle of the Fandoms" competition in the OUAT/Disney category)


5. Why

When Chad agreed to let them all help, Evie gently took the mirror out of his hands and sat beside him. The entire room seemed to hold it's breath as Evie stared at the mirror, her face scrunched up in concentration as she tried to figure out what to say. Chad shifted uneasily, his eyes glancing from her face to the mirror and back again. Finally, Evie took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Magic Mirror in my hand, Where is Derek Charming?" Evie called out. Doug raised an eyebrow at the lack of rhyme in his girlfriend's request, but when the mirror began to shimmer he leaned forward slightly, eyes wide. As Evie looked into her mirror and was surprised to see not a still image, but live action. Her mirror had never shown her something like that.

Squinting, Evie spotted Derek's face in the crowd of students, in whatever private school he was at. Unlike the image her mirror had shown of him, Derek had a tired and sad expression, with dark circles around his bespectacled eyes and his clothes looking two sizes too big. He flinched at the smallest noise in the background, and his eyes darted around as if he was about to be attacked.

"Hey Charming, where are you headed?" a big, blonde, sneering boy said, coming up from behind and grabbing Derek by the back of his light blue suit jacket. Derek sighed heavily, shaking his head. "Lunch. Leave me alone, Philip," Derek murmured. Philip laughed and slammed Derek against a locker, gripping him by the hair and forcing him to look him in the eye.

"I don't like your attitude, Derek. Do you think that just because you're King Charming's son, you can boss me around?!" Philip snarled. Derek's face paled and he shook his head rapidly, nearly sending his glasses flying. Philip laughed and punched Derek in the jaw, sending him straight to the ground. Derek curled up, his expression blank as Philip continued his merciless assault.

Chad stared at the scene with wide eyes, jerking every time Philip landed a punch on Derek, his hand twitching as if he wished he could give the bully a taste of his own medicine. Ben grabbed his wrist when he reached for the mirror, his eyes wild and looking as if he was going to smash the mirror. Chad's fist clenched and he closed his eyes, taking a shaky breath.

"Why?! Why is that happening to him?! That's what he was trying to get away from! W-Why..." Chad said shakily through gritted teeth, his head bowed. Evie put a hand on his shoulder before asking the mirror to back out, showing a dull looking private school called Copper Cove. Chad wrinkled his nose and sighed.

"He's going to that school? Gosh, it's a miracle he's not dead yet," Chad muttered. "We need to get him out of there," Doug murmured in agreement, exchanging a knowing glance with Chad and Ben. The VKs looked at their friends in confusion, not really knowing what was going on.

"What's so bad about that school? That's just one kid who's a jerk," Mal pointed out. Ben shook his head, grimacing. "No. It's bad there. Let's just say that a majority of the kids there make the Isle of the Lost look like heaven." Carlos' face paled and Jay stared at Ben blankly while the two girls gasped. This was bad.

"I need to go," Chad said suddenly, getting to his feet and rushing to the door. No one tried to stop him, and he ran down the halls without being held back. He was about to give a couple people a piece of his mind!

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