Not What He Seems

Chad takes things too far in his efforts to torment Evie, Jay, Mal, Carlos, Doug, and even Ben, and they hatch a plan to get their revenge. But when something shocking and sad about Chad is revealed, they find themselves wanting to help him instead of hurt him. What will the VKs and their friends decide to do? Contains violence, depression, and talk of suicide throughout. (Entry for the "Battle of the Fandoms" competition in the OUAT/Disney category)


12. Mirror Malfunctions

Chad could barely breathe as he plummeted in a free fall hundreds of feet downwards. He wanted to scream, but the air was being sucked out of his lungs so harshly he could barely even manage a whimper. He looked up to see that the others had followed him down the rabbit hole. He assumed it was a rabbit hole, because it greatly resembled the hole Alice had fallen into when she went to Wonderland. Miscellaneous objects floated around Chad that you would usually find in a school; pens, paper, desks, a teacher or two, apples, and others.

"HOW DEEP IS THIS THING?!" Carlos screeched high above him. Chad faintly heard reply before he let out a shout of surprise, colliding with the ground at top speed. He groaned, rolling over onto his back and looking up. A blue sky filled with puffy white clouds loomed above him with a big black hole right in the center of it. Audrey, Jane, Doug, Jay, Carlos, Mal, and Ben soon landed after Chad, Audrey barely missing him as she collapsed in a heap next to him. Chad quickly pulled her to her feet, brushing off the front of her dress and kissing her cheek, to which she smiled gratefully. The two intertwined their fingers and turned to the rest of the group.

"Evie, where do we go from here?" Chad asked, gnawing on his lip anxiously and shifting slightly on his feet. Audrey squeezed his hand comfortingly, but he didn't notice. Evie quickly pulled out her mirror and murmured into it before throwing it down in frustration.

"It won't show me anything! it's like a cellphone without service!" Evie growled.

"There must be a blockage in electromagnetic waves down here. Sort of like the barrier around the island," Carlos suggested, and Chad's heart plummeted.

"We were so close," he sighed, rubbing his eyes with his free hand and swallowing the lump forming in his throat.

"Hey, there's still hope. We've got time. This place can't be that large, it's just a land with a school smacked into the middle," Jay said reassuringly, not actually sounding very reassuring. Chad gave him a sarcastic smile and closed his eyes, clasping his hands together and sighing in exasperation.

"Wow, that's... that's great. Just. Great," Chad hissed, his eyes opening again and glinting dangerously. The VKs backed away hurriedly, Audrey rested a wary hand on his shoulder, and Doug grabbed the sleeve of Ben's jacket for some sort of security. Chad wrenched away from Audrey's hand and picked Evie's mirror up from the ground, shoving it at her.

"Try again," Chad commanded the blue haired girl. Evie hesitated before resting her hands on her hips and shaking her head. Chad's expression hardened and he pressed the mirror into her hands, glaring at her so harshly she winced.

"I said try. again," he growled, his nails digging slightly into Evie's delicate palm. She squeaked in surprise and quickly pulled her hand away, taking the mirror with her, and shook her head again. When Chad looked as if he was going to protest again, she drew herself up and folded her arms across her chest.

"You can't tell me to do anything. If I remember correctly, you're still our enemy and we still hate your guts, and the only reason we're helping you is because being with your brother again might snap your out of your cocky jock phase," Evie said, her tone a bit smug. Chad reluctantly withdrew his hands and kicked at the sandy earth beneath him with the point of his shoe. Evie smiled sweetly and brought up her mirror.

"Mirror, where's Copper Cove?" Evie asked the mirror smoothly, winking at Chad when the mirror immediately responded in a monotone female voice, "In 300 feet, turn right at the burning cactus."

"Let's go, everyone!" Evie said too cheerfully, looping her arm in Doug's and following the mirror-now-GPS' instructions. Chad ambled behind the VKs and the other three Hero Kids, his hands shoved deep into his pockets, failing to notice the concerned glance Jane threw his way.

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