Not What He Seems

Chad takes things too far in his efforts to torment Evie, Jay, Mal, Carlos, Doug, and even Ben, and they hatch a plan to get their revenge. But when something shocking and sad about Chad is revealed, they find themselves wanting to help him instead of hurt him. What will the VKs and their friends decide to do? Contains violence, depression, and talk of suicide throughout. (Entry for the "Battle of the Fandoms" competition in the OUAT/Disney category)


8. Get Away Car

Chad's stomach was churning as he sneaked through the dark hallways of Auradon Prep, closely followed by Jane, Audrey, Doug, and Ben. The others were all waiting at the supposed get away car, having found an easy way out being the VKs and all. Chad held up a hand for the others to stop as the clicking of heels reached his ears, and they all quickly hid in the closest unlocked classroom they could find. Chad's heart was pounding and he grabbed Audrey's hand for comfort as he spotted the Fairy Godmother strutted past the classroom they were hiding in. Ben clamped a hand over Jane's mouth when she let out a small squeak at the sight of her mother, and Doug stiffened with panic.

Thankfully, the Fairy Godmother walked right on by and the group of panicking teens were able to sneak out of the classroom towards the main entrance. Chad thanked whatever Gods he knew of once again when they saw no guards posted at Auradon's gates like they usually were, and he opened the gate as silently as he could. He waved silently for the others to follow him and slipped through to the other side, looking around to see if Jay had arrived with the car.

"Over here!" Mal whisper-shouted from her position at the statue of King Beast. Chad's heart stopped momentarily when he saw her and the other VKs, but he didn't let that stop him as he ran forward to join them. Jay stood proudly in front of the car he had managed to 'borrow', and Chad's mouth fell open in shock. It was Auradon Prep's limo, literally one of the most expensive cars in the land.

"Okay, first of all, how? And second of all, why?" Doug piped up, and Jay shrugged with a small smirk. "It was the first car I found. I wanted to get something else, but I didn't think there'd be enough time. It'll be a bit pf a tight squeeze, but we'll make do. Hop in." None of the small group needed to be told twice. Chad quickly got into the driver's seat, Doug sat up front next to him, and the other six climbed into the back. Jay had obviously been sarcastic when he said it would be a tight fit and the occupants quickly settled in.

"Evie, ask the mirror for directions and then hand it to me," Chad called into the back, starting up the limousine's engine and starting to drive off. Evie handed him the mirror a moment later, and Chad smirked when he saw the mirror greatly resembled the screen of a GPS.

"And we're off!" Chad said, hitting the pedal and speeding off. His mind was reeling at the prospect of what they were going to do. He was going to save his brother. He would be able to see him, hug him, ruffle his hair, just like old times. With a smile on his face, Chad drove on towards the moment that would change his and Derek's life forever.

I know it's extremely short, but I was stuck on this scene and I wouldn't have been able to move on. I hope you enjoyed it anyways, my lovely readers! 

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