Not What He Seems

Chad takes things too far in his efforts to torment Evie, Jay, Mal, Carlos, Doug, and even Ben, and they hatch a plan to get their revenge. But when something shocking and sad about Chad is revealed, they find themselves wanting to help him instead of hurt him. What will the VKs and their friends decide to do? Contains violence, depression, and talk of suicide throughout. (Entry for the "Battle of the Fandoms" competition in the OUAT/Disney category)


6. Forbidden

"Fairy Godmother, I need to talk to mom and dad!" Chad said, bursting into his Godmother's office. Fairy Godmother yelped and nearly dropped the book she was holding as her unexpected visitor barged in. Sighing, she glared slightly at Chad and set the book on her desk. She folded her arms across her chest and started tapping her foot, raising an eyebrow at her godson questioningly.

"Please Fairy Godmother, it's urgent! I-It's... about Derek," Chad muttered, shifting slightly on his feet and looking down at the dull carpet. Fairy Godmother's expression softened and she gave him a hesitant smile. "Well, if it's about your brother, I suppose it's fine. You know what to do." Chad grinned and gave her a hug as she left before settling down in the chair in front of the desk.

Clearing his throat, Chad said, "King Charming and Queen Cinderella." A sound similar to that of a ringing office phone sounded in the office and Chad took a shaky breath, closing his eyes and trying to reassure himself. These were his parents, they wouldn't get too mad at him. After all, he was trying to protect Derek. Chad swallowed back the lump forming in his throat and released a shaky sigh, opening his eyes again. His mother and father were in front of him, their gazes questioning. Chad quickly sent them a weary smile and waved.

"Hey mom, dad. I really need to talk to you guys," Chad said, muttering slightly. King Charming sighed and exchanged an exasperated glance with his wife. "Chad, if it's about those villain kids again, you really need to stop-"

"It's not, dad! Well, it kind of is, but it's more about Derek!" Chad interrupted. He saw how both of his parents tensed at the mention of his brother's name, and resisted the urge to end the call and make a run for it. King Charming glared daggers at his son, the cold gaze making his usually young and happy face appear almost cruel.

"You can't see him. You know that," Cinderella said quietly, resting a hand on her husband's shoulder to calm him and giving Chad a stern look. Chad bit his lip and fought back tears, trying not to curse at them. "I know mom, you and dad have made that quite clear. But Evie showed me something today,' Chad replied. He quickly relayed everything that had happened in the past two days, from his beating up of Doug, Evie showing him that Derek was the person he loved more than anyone, to Derek getting picked on in Copper Cove. His mother listened with interest and even his father showed genuine concern, but Chad knew that neither of them would budge.

"We aren't taking Derek out of that school if that's what you're asking, because then he'll have to go back to Auradon Prep, with you," King Charming spat. A lump formed in Chad's throat and he felt a tear roll down his cheek, and he abandoned his original plan of convincing his parents to transfer Derek to a different school. "Dad, please, I've changed. I love Derek, and I need to see him again. Please," Chad murmured. Both of the Charming's looked shocked at their son's unusual show of emotion, and Chad thought he had at least his mother convinced, and his heart nearly leaped for joy.

"No, son. Even if you've changed, that doesn't mean the others have. Besides, Derek is still afraid of you. He told us himself," King Charming told Chad sorrowfully, looking down at his hands. Chad choked back a sob and looked down as well, clutching the desk so hard his knuckles were white. Of course Derek was afraid of him. He'd beaten him up, lied to him, made fun of him. And for what? Popularity? Friends that never really cared about him in the first place? Cinderella's expression softened and Chad could see in her eyes that she wished to be with him to comfort him, but Chad didn't deserve it.

"I know. I know he's afraid of me," Chad managed to say. He wiped his face with the back of his hand, but it was in vain as the tears continued to fall. "I have to go," he said, and ignoring the words of his parents, he got to his feet and ended the connection. Chad found himself openly sobbing as he ran to the door, ignoring Fairy Godmother and running through the halls blindly.

"Chad, what are you doing?!" someone called behind him, and Chad whipped around to see his girlfriend Audrey, her arms folded across her chest as she stared at him sternly. Her glare faded when she saw the tears streaming down his face, and she uncrossed her arms, reaching out to touch his shoulder. Chad wrenched away, glaring at her so harshly she gasped and backed away. He knew that Audrey was dating him just because of his popularity, the popularity he earned by hurting his own brother.

"Stay away from me," Chad said, and he took off again.

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