My teenage voCRABulary

This a story and a diary about alomst every teenagers life, teenagers problems and teenagers thoughts. Follow a girl through a story about ups and downs, memories she wanna remember and memories she wanna forget.


3. Boyfriend



So now you’ve reached chapter two. Congrats. You’ve probably seen that the headline of this chapter is “Boyfriend”. So now I’m guessing your mind is going all - Oh gosh. She’s so getting a boyfriend now. Could it be the hot guy Zach, who suddenly reached out to her and expressed his secret feelings for her. I’m going to have to disappoint if that was your thought. I have to admit that it was kind of my dream scenario, but in my life, nothing ever goes my way. In this chapter I’m still as geeky as in the last one. In the movies, I’m still the one showed with big glasses and brace. Hurrah. But now let’s move on to the point of this. After all you deserve to hear what the headline is all about:

It was about one week after the party. I had survived first day at school after that night and I was more than proud of myself. No one had mentioned the bra thing, probably because everyone was too wasted to remember anything.

First period was over and I was standing by my locker with my friends. We were all talking about the yearbook. A boy and a girl in my group, Will and Ana almost killed each other discussing layouts. That’s when the popular crowd showed up. Their lockers were right on the other side from mine.

Everything were as it used to be. Helene and Cody at front kissing each other all the time. The puppies came running after and behind them was Zach. But with him everything was not as it used to, because now he had a girlfriend. It was Helene’s cousin who just moved here from another part of country. She started Monday after party night (Maybe also one reason no on talked about the party). I hated her from the very second, she stepped into class. I could just smell popularity as she sat down at the table beside me. And as if it wasn’t already enough. The table beside me was the one with Zach, and now also the new girl. Hayley.  

Every freaking place I went at school that cringe couple were standing kissing each other until none of them could get their breath anymore. I ran into them at the library, in the school yard, in our classroom, when I had to pee, I ran into them at the girl’s toilet, so the next time I had to use the toilet, I went to the boy’s restroom, and did it help? - NO. Because now they had moved. Now they were eating each other in at the boy’s restroom. Great. I ended up saying “Don’t forget to visit the principal’s office too guys”, as I walked out of the restroom. I managed to get their attention for a second, but before I got out of there they had already started again.

The whole day everyone was talking about schools new couple. Not like there wasn’t anyone else who just got together, but no one thought of those guys. At my shitty school, all people care about is the popular ones. Those who are on the football team, the pretty cheerleaders and the basketball guys. If you aren’t popular and the whole school talks about you anyways then you really fucked up, because under normal circumstances people wouldn’t talk about regular students. I’ve always hated popular people. Lots of folks would probably say that it’s because my heart wished it was me walking around with all eyes at me, but when someone says that to me I just laugh. What a pathetic thought.

I hate popular people. Not because I’m jealous, but because they’re no better than the rest of us. They’re all miserable, they just don’t show it. But I’ll bet that when they get home the girls cry their eyes out, and the guys sit in a chair feeling useless. Maybe I don’t have the prettiest hair, or the skinniest body. Maybe I don’t have the biggest tits or the best butt. Well I don’t care. I got a brain that works more than well, and I got a heart at the right place. I got the best friends you could ever wish for and the most perfect (at least most of the time) family. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have dark sides. I do. I even got tons of weaknesses. Love is one of them, you will see that later on.

My big crush on Zach disappeared completely after this day. He still was the one I liked the best in the popular group, but my like didn’t have the same meaning anymore. Now I didn’t dream of us as a couple. I didn’t dream of how our first kiss would be anymore. I saw him as Zach. The popular guy with the girlfriend. The one who never thought about me or my friends. The one who probably didn’t know we existed. But the new me didn’t care at all. All I cared about was my friends and my yearbook.  

As I walked out of school, I took a deep breath. I felt lucky. I was surrounded by my best friends. We laughed all the way down to the local café, where we bought coffee and cake, sat by the fireplace in the couch and the big chairs and discussed the whole day. Will and Ana even agreed on how the yearbook layout was going to be, and ended up celebrating the peace making with a little parody of schools new couple, Zach and Hayley. Will leaned in over Ana and tilted her so much we couldn’t see her face. They started making kissing sounds and us other people were laughing our asses off. The whole café was looking at us, but that didn’t stop us from laughing at all and it sure didn’t stop Will and Ana. They carried on for at least a couple of minutes. 


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