My teenage voCRABulary

This a story and a diary about alomst every teenagers life, teenagers problems and teenagers thoughts. Follow a girl through a story about ups and downs, memories she wanna remember and memories she wanna forget.


2. Alcohol



It’s weekend and I’m invited to a party at one of (Yeah - I wouldn’t exactly call her my friend, but I don’t know what she is then) people at schools house.

There is this girl at school. She’s one of those - you know a popular one. She’s a cheerleader and all guys chase her like hungry dogs. She wears tons and tons of makeup. She wears high heels all the time, besides at her cheer practice, where she puts on her sneakers (Thank God for that. Otherwise I would use the term “Break a leg”). She’s perfect and it annoys me like hell. I don’t like her. I don’t think she likes me either, but none of use show it, at least not too much. We barely ever speak to each other. She always (and when I say always I mean ALWAYS) gives me the look when she and her crew walk by me at the hall - Oh yeah, she got a crew. As you see it in movies. Those stupid, brainless, predictable girls, that does everything she wants. Like little puppies. I kind of feel bad for them, but come on, they could just get a life.

But now back to the party. It’s a Saturday night and I’m getting for the party at Helene’s house. I’m up in my room trying to find the right outfit. Not to classy, not to pretty, not to punk. I end up in a pretty but not too pretty dress. I find a pair of boots in my closet and I’m off.

I arrive at the house. You can hear the music almost a mile from there. My heart is pumping real fast. I hate parties, and to be honest I’ve never really attended a real party before. Not like this one. I’ve been at my place with a few of my friends, but we didn’t drink that much. Plus my friends aren’t like the people at this party. They aren’t the popular ones. We are the ones who are never seen by anyone. We are the so-called geeks. In movies, we are shown with big glasses and pimples, wearing the biggest braces ever and carrying around books all the time. In real we actually look like everybody else besides we don’t wear high heels, we don’t wear miniskirts and we don’t use pushup in an amount so that out tits is lifted a feet into the air. We know each other from the yearbook (yeah okay - That little detail may be like in the movies!) but I’m going to tell you that story later on.

A wall of booze smell hist me right in the face as I step into the house. I stand still at the bottom of the stairs looking around. I’m lost. I don’t know where to go or where to look. The thing I wanna do the most is hide or run away. I hate parties. Why did I even go? Yeah well. My friends aren’t here. You know - the geeks. They didn’t wanna come. I was kind of mad at them, but now I get it. The only reason I came was because of this guy - Zach. He’s SO hot, and SO not in my league. He’s on the basketball team. Friends with the popular people. He’s one of the popular people. Pretty much the most popular one after Helene and her boyfriend Cody.

“Hey. Hi. Are you awake?”

A hand is waving in front of my face. I look confused at the hand and then at the person attached to the hand. I’ve been starring so much at other people, that I was almost in coma. I think for a second. Shit. The hand isn’t just a hand. It’s his hand. Zach. I try to speak. I try to answer him but my voice won’t work. I shook my head as a yes - I am awake.

He laughs. “Go get some beer. You look like you could use some. It’s in the kitchen.”

My voice still doesn’t work so I shook my head again. He walks away.

I scream inside myself. I just talked to Zach. The Zach. As happy as I am I walk into the kitchen. Everybody in the room is kissing. Actually, not just kissing but eating each other. Besides a girl from school who’s standing at the table pouring some mixed alcohol punch for herself. I walk up by her side and grab a beer. She walks away, and there I am standing all alone in a crowd of kissing people. Not awkward at all.  

After an hour, I was what you call wasted. I don’t remember the slightest thing (Yum okay that’s not completely true). I have little glimpse that I remember crystal clear. I remember dancing around in the crowd. I remember myself head down at the beer fountain with the popular boys lifting my legs in the air. I remember seeing my bra at the grass. I don’t remember why the hell my bra wasn’t at my breast but I know it wasn’t. And if you’re sitting now thinking for yourself - That can’t possibly end well for her, then you’re absolutely right, because it did not end well at all. But I’ll save that precious (and when I say precious I don’t mean it) story for later.

All I know is that this night was one of the weirdest nights in my life. I was sure that I had screwed up and absolutely destroyed my life at one night. When I woke up the next morning with the worst hangover I ever had, and found myself lying in the shower without my bra on, I knew that Monday was going to be harsh.

After this party, I promised myself never to let a hot guy tempt me ever again. Ever. Off course I didn’t keep that promise, but I never went to this kind of party again, at least until I convinced my geek friends to go with me.  



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