Crazy in Love

Nathan and Hanna are in love but when Hannah's baby daddy comes back, their love is on the line. Will poor pregnant Hanna survive the return of Noah?


1. The return of Noah Harvey.

"Morning babe," Nathan kissed me and passed me my coffee.

"Morning," I slurred. I was up all night with back pain.

He knelt down and kissed my stomach with his soft lips.

"How was the baby last night?" He asked me as his piercing denim blue eyes stared into mine. He sipped his coffee.

"Well she was fine, it was the backache that kept me up," I shoved the coffee down my throat. It burnt the back of my throat but I was too tired to care.

"I'm going to work today," he uttered as he straightened his tie.

"Look at you, all professional and going to work," I teased,downing my whole coffee.

"Ha well just trying to get money for us and the baby, honey," he smiled as he kissed me goodbye and left. I decided to go grocery shopping so I pulled my hair into a side plait and got dressed into a baggy sweater and some sweatpants. I walked outside and found out that it was raining. Shoot! I guess I had to walk anyway. I wandered into the supermarket, did my shopping and then walked outside. It was still raining. It was fine until I saw...him.

He was sipping a slurpee and staring at me in disbelief. His jeans were ripped and his dusty blonde hair was a mess. His t-shirt was soaked so you could see the perfect lines and shape of his abs. My hair was wetting the side of my sweater. My Uggs were soaked. "Noah?" I asked. My arms and bags were stinging from the weight of the bags I was holding. He flashed a fake smile. "It's me," he spoke walking up to me. Inside my stomach, she was kicking like she knew Noah was her father. He stared at my stomach. "Is.... is....that?" He stuttered. "Yes she's yours, congrats your going to be a father," I spoke, rolling my eyes. "Wow," he uttered.

"Is that all you say?" I asked. "After you leave me, pregnant and scared, eight months ago," I added. "Je, thanks for thinking about me," I scoffed.

"Sorry I'm in shock," he ruffled his hair. There was an awkward silence between us.

"I have to go and get back home so that Nathan doesn't worry about me," I spoke and turned around.

"Wait!" he exclaimed as I spun on my heel. "Who's Nathan?" He asked. I gave no answer and left. By the time I got home, Nathan was there waiting for me.

“What took you so long, babe?” He asked me, jumping up to help me with the bags.

“Just ran into an old friend,” I lied but by the look on his face, I think he knew I was lying.

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