Aspen Hill and her younger brother,Thomas live with their abusive mother. Aspen had never seen their mother hit Thomas until one day she snaps. In order to save herself and her brother, emotionally and physically, she chooses to run away. Maybe Aspen can save her and her brother or maybe leaving their mother just caused even more damage.


2. 2~ Sunday, June 4


11:43 A.M. -


Thomas grabbed onto my hand as we continue to walk down the gravel road. 


"Stop here," I tell Thomas, bending down to look him in the face. I fix his hair and brush off the dirt on his clothes. I try to make him look somewhat presentable. 


"I know you haven't met Grandma but she's nice. Hopefully we can stay with her for a bit," I say smiling, trying to be positive. Thomas nods then, pulls a leaf from my hair. I give him a hug and then pull myself to my feet. 


"I'm scared, Az. What if grandma sends us back to live with mommy?" Thomas asks. 


"I promise you that no matter what I'll keep you safe. We will not be going back home." I promise. 


"Okay. I love you," Thomas says before giving me another hug. 


"I love you too," I say giving Thomas a squeeze. 


We continue walking until we finally reach the house. We walk up the porch and I ring the door bell. 


No one answers. I ring it again, still no answer. 


"It'll be okay, T." I say before we leave. He gives me a sad look before slightly nodding. 


3:20 P.M. -


Thomas and I walk into the gas station and pick out a few items. Snacks and drinks, mostly. 


After our quick stop we walk over to Bailey's bar and grill. We order the cheapest thing on the menu so we can split it. 


"You're a good big sister, Aspen." Thomas says with a smile. It's the first time I have seen him smile since we left. I grin at Thomas's comment. 


 "Well, you're an even better little brother," I reply. It really was true though. Even though there's a big age difference, he had been though everything I'd gone through. We didn't fight like most siblings did, we were always sticking up for one another. Sometimes we would joke with each other but besides that we are almost like a team. He was my partner in crime. 


"Where are we going to sleep tonight?" Thomas almost whispered. I could tell he was worried. I hadn't really thought about it that much. I started to think about his question before my thoughts were interrupted by our waitress. She was an older lady, probably mid fifties. 


"Careful. It's really hot," Our waitress cautioned as she set our food on the table. Her name tag read Jean. "Okay. Thank you," Thomas said politely. 


"Oh, your welcome." Jean said before smiling. I was proud of Thomas for being so polite. 


"What brings you into this small town?" 


"We're just visiting. I'm taking my little brother on a day trip. We'll be gone soon," 


"Ah, where are you from?" 




"I lived there for about five years, The weather is kind of crazy. I remember one year it was raining in July," 


"Yeah. I'm not a fan of the weather. I never know what to expect," 


"Yeah, ain't that true. How old are you two?" 


"I'm almost seventeen and my brother is ten," 


"I have a sister I took on a day trip when she was ten and I was fifteen. It was a ton of fun. I wish I could stay longer and chat but I better go. I hope you have a great rest of your trip," 


"Thanks," Thomas and I say in unison. 


As Thomas and I were finishing up, Jean came over and set a note down on the table. The handwriting was in cursive but a bit sloppy. It read: 


The food is on me. It's not a large bill. Thank you two for being so polite. I am glad I got a chance to know you two lovely kids, thank you for coming in. If you ever need anything here's my number: 360-121-0009. Have a wonderful day.



I let Thomas read the note before we stand up, grab our stuff and exit the restaurant. I put the note in my pocket and Thomas and I start our journey to find a place for the night. 


7:59 P.M. - 


   We arrive at Ocean View Motel after walking for a while. It looked run down and old but it was getting late and we just need to settle down somewhere for the night. 


 The main room is almost a perfect square. The door rests straight in the middle of one wall. There are two separate beds but Thomas insists on sleeping with me. There's a small bathroom in the corner of the room with a closet diagonal from it. 


Thomas has become very dependent on me for multiple reasons but I think the main reason is because he has no one else to look up to. Sometimes I regret bringing him along but then I realize I made the right choice. 


Thomas and I take turns in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. After we're both done getting ready we climb into the same bed. We both lean against our pillows and I turn on the tv. Thomas turns off all the lights and gets back into bed. 


"Goodnight, T." I whisper. 


"Goodnight,Aspen." Thomas responds before I drift off. 

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