This story is about an ongoing war between the aesirs from Asgard, and the vile creatures called fire giants (jötunns). In order to protect humans from the unending threat of the fire giants attacking Midgard, The Aesirs created an ultimate weapon that would end this war. their legion were led by Odin's special force they will put end to this war. Espero que Les guste la historian subire in capitulo cada seman por cuestiones de trabajo. Persona que quieren ser parte de la historian o ser Coautores dejenme un mensaje y si alguien no entiende el Ingles dejenmen saber para traducirla a Espanol. Grasias


4. The New beginning & fighting the DemiGods

In Valhalla

When Angel woke up, he had no idea where he was. He looked around and saw that he was outside a giant building with two statues in the entrance, He looked behind and saw complete darkness. He looked to the building and saw nothing but pure white light.

"Awake at last?" someone asked him

He tried to find the voice, but no one was there

"Where am I?" Angel said looking around

"Well, this is Valhalla, Hall of the fallens. But I won't bother you would understand so for now,  let's just  say you are having a bad dream

" Who are you?" Angel asked

" Good question, not the right one" Angel heard from behind him. He turned towards the voice and saw a woman in white dress with wings

"The right question would be who are you? it asked, pointing at Angel


" Thor said  that he would save the nine worlds and create a new era. Are you satisfied with being a cog in his machine? Or you could just curl and see the proclaimed "salvation" from here" the woman asked, not waiting for answers

"Shut up... I am dead, how I'm going to stop them" Angel said

Hmm" What's the matter?  Are you angry" She asked him

"No, its not you... Its me. I don't know how much  have been dead and I don't know how I'm going to stop them

" Well if you want I can help you" The woman said before punching Angel in the chest knocking him out then she picked him up" I will see you again Bye.

*On Midgard

Hiram had been living rather peacefully on Midgard for the last 100 years. Or at least he would have, if the humans hadn't kept world shipping him, thinking he was working with The Seven Demigods of Asgard. Other than that, he had some what managed to get information about the Demigods plans to use the Ragnarok to dominate the other nine worlds. When he was arriving to his bar in a village very close to the Yggdrasil. He felt the earth start to shake, before seeing a pillar of light appeared in his house.

" That pillar... Does this mean that Angel's awake?

he thought about leaving the village and go to his house but if he leave the village would be defenseless against the seven demigods next attack

" Damn, I want to be the first to greet him after 100 long years and ask him what happen at asgard and why the other guardians are now demigods? But I have to work and protect the village. I guess I'll have to wait for now.

* With Angel

As angel reawakened, he was in a bed nearby a desk with strange medicines, water & food. As he step out of the bed, he looked threw a window and to the distance large shunks of ground shatter before dissipating from a explosion and two large ships floating in the sky launching blasts of magic destroying everything in their way

"What the...? What is this? Angel said confused

" This is Midgard" the woman answered, " 100 years have passed since you were here last. But that's nothing to a guardian like yourself, now is it?"

" Is this how you save the world? Angel asked" this place looks like Helheim 

When suddenly the door of the room opened and a girl in strange dress entered and saw Angel awake

"Good grief you are awake" The woman said

"Thanks and who are you?" Angel answered 

" My name is Sama A but you  can call me  Mystic Fire Angel, I'm a Witch here at this town"

Angel looked her with a short glare before looking outside

" What Happened in this 100 years I have been dead? Angel asked

" Well things had get from bad to worst" Sama answered siting down in the bed looking to the window" After you alleged killed Frigg, Odin falled in a deep depression and he begin to search you body in each one of the other worlds knowing you will reawakened again, killing everything in his way. But  when he don't found your body, he became mad so mad that a tyranny begined in asgard and it rose in each one of the 9 Worlds. Sending his Seven demigods to bring dead in each one of the worlds for his called salvation. Everything has changed

"Why I am in this place? ho took me here?

"I took you here with help of my master" Sama answered

Suddenly Angel opened the window and jumped out of the room landing outside the house.

" Where is the road to the closets village?" Angel asked 

" The road in front of you, will take you to the village and when you get there tell to my master that the food is ready"

Thank you lady and how is your master" Angel said

" You will know how is it" Sama said 

"Ok Bye" Angel said and begin to walk to the village

After walking for a long time, Angel had finally found the village. He walked through the village  towards the sound of multiple voices. When he got there, he saw kids running around, playing  while the older villagers were kneeling in front of some strange statue. Some of the people noticed him standing nearby wearing  a tattered cloak  just as the ground begin to shake. The villagers quickly ran through a nearby wooden gate as Angel calmly followed them, wondering what was happening. The villagers shut the gat behind him, glad that they were safe. Angel looked around the area and spotted a few people trying  to hide from him. When they heard one of the walls crashing and a Jötunn appeared, kicking a nearby villager. Several more Jöttun's jumped out from behind the broken wall and ran throughout the area, attacking more innocent people, while the first one ran towards Angel, who just calmly stood his ground.

"100 years, and nothing but nothing has changed" he said to himself before tearing off his cloak and began to attacking the surrounding jötunns as they sped towards him. He simply punched the first one, sending it flying in to a second one that was standing behind it, before grabbing them by the arms and slam them to the ground. Knocking the other jötunns back a few feet, some of the other jötunns ran back towards Angel, but instead they suddenly fell over dead . Angel looked around trying to find who kill them.

" Hey there, dear friend? It's been a long time, hasn't it? About 100 years now if I recall correctly"

Angel turned to where the voice was coming from, and saw Hiram sitting on a nearby house's porch railing.

¿ Hiram? What the hell are you doing here? Are you working for Odin and their special cause?" Angel asked

" What are you talking about, dude? I retired 100 years ago, I'm living here at Midgard with my wife and my daughter and why the hell would I want to work for the, after things they had done here in Midgard and the other worlds. I couldn't resisted  and that's why  I retired and now I'm protecting this village from them. The Seven Demigods"

Seven demigods? that's what they called themselves now? Angel said

They heard more lighting overhead causing them to look towards the sky. That's when they saw one of the numerous ships descend from behind the clouds.

"What the hell is that?" Angel asked looking to the sky

" Shit, that's is a Asgardian ship, they are here" Hiram said as he began  to run towards the bar and begin to hit a bell

"Why are you doing that? and why you said they are here who? Angel said

"They are here, the seven demigods are here. Hiram said as he keep hitting the bell.

As I the ship came closer to the village, the people started praying and not begin to run. When suddenly pods landed from the ship making the people to run in fear.

When the pods opened, a group of Asgardian soldiers standing inside, they all began to jump out of the pod and surrounded the two Ex guardians.

" So you two have returned" The lead soldier a General, stated. They turned to face it as it jumped off the top pod and landed in front of them.

"Its been a long time General stradas" Hiram said looking at him with a cocky face.

" You Angel the traitor, have come back from dead? And you former guardian Hiram, you have finally shown your face to us; We shall send you both to the depths of Helheim where you can join the undead for eternity!  KILL THEM! He shouted. 








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