This story is about an ongoing war between the aesirs from Asgard, and the vile creatures called fire giants (jötunns). In order to protect humans from the unending threat of the fire giants attacking Midgard, The Aesirs created an ultimate weapon that would end this war. their legion were led by Odin's special force they will put end to this war. Espero que Les guste la historian subire in capitulo cada seman por cuestiones de trabajo. Persona que quieren ser parte de la historian o ser Coautores dejenme un mensaje y si alguien no entiende el Ingles dejenmen saber para traducirla a Espanol. Grasias


2. The Betreyal

The guardians began racing towards Sutr, their main goal being to keep him from reaching the portal to asgard.

" stand aside, gentlemen and woman! this one is mine" Gabriel shouted speeding in front of the others 

"Get back ! you've had to share! Rin replied

"you're not the only one who wants to have a little fun, chief!" Angel chimed in

As they were heading towards Sutr, a group of Fire Giants appeared in front of them catching them off-guard and forcing everyone but angel  to separate from their leader. Angel started his final barrage of light magic blasts on Sutr, while dodging the Sutr punches. Rin and JJ quickly destroyed the Giants and went to aid Angel killing The Giant archers that were trying to stop him getting help from Gabriel and Steven. Angel suddenly noticed another Giant running towards him, causing him to stop his attack on Sutr  and tried to holding him back. When a archer fired a arrow towards him, when suddenly a net made from blood protected Angel from the attack.

"Hey watch yourself" A person yelled at him

"Thanks for the help Hiram ! And where were you ?"Angel said back

"I was at Asgard, after they send me to evacuate the inhabitants of the city" But no more talking lets end this" Hiram said 

Sutr took advantage of their distraction and fire a blast of flames towards Hiram and Angel. They managed to dodged a few of them, but were both eventually hit by endless stream of blasts and knocked unconscious , Thea saw Angel and Hiram being attacked and decided to help them by chanting a healing chant. Healing them up, suddenly a pillar of light emerged where Angel was standing after the pillar disappeared Angel was standing there with their eyes white color and light around him allowing him to engage Sutr once more

"This ends now!" he shouted

Sutr fired a third barrage of flames blast at Angel in response, but Angel Steven and JJ who had joined them, successfully dodge all the attacks and flew towards Sutr. Minds completely set on pushing Sutr out of Midgard, they all began firing their own magic blasts at Sutr. This went on for a while, after Angel speed up to Sutr and punched him in the chest, forcing him back into the portal. The war was now over and the guardians were victorious.

Steven and Gabriel then flew over to Angel

"We did it, Angel? Gabriel said to Angel

"Yes we did it but I could not kill it" he responded

"Yeah that would be a problem Angel due to how strong that thing is you will get  your  Ass kick.But still, you should be grateful the war is over  so now you can retire from being a guardian and get married with Thea. But more important there is always a next time, though" Steven told him, he received a short glare from Angel in response

"We have been victorious gentlemen, and we have suffered more casualties than ever, but it will not be back for a while, so we should get some rest" Rin advised them appearing on Gabriel's other side

"Where is Hiram, Steven and JJ? Gabriel asked

" well Hiram returned to asgard to see if the evacuate inhabitants are fine and JJ is with Steven in the soldier's camp at asgard" Rin responded  

* on Asgard

Thanks to Angel's effort, Sutr has subsided

" destroy the surviving Giants! Odin ordered " the Odin's Guardians is invincible, may Midgard prosper in ever day peace!

The time is near for my plan" Loki said to himself, smiling

It was the day after Angel had defeated Sutr and the three Guardians Angel, Hiram and Gabriel arrived at the residence after recovering from the war. When day got there, they saw Gabriella and Thea waiting for them

"Angel, Gabriel, Hiram welcome back! Gabriella greeted them 

Thea the ran towards Angel and captured him in a hug causing him to stumble

"Angel! I was worried about you! she said as she started to cry

" I'm fine sweet heart because I'm home with my future wife" Angel said looking Thea

"I'm glad you're safe Angel" Gabriella added walking towards him

"Hey,What about Hiram and your husband! Gabriel chimed in wanting to him and Hiram been forgotten

"Oh sorry, I'm glad you're okay Hiram, Gabriel"

Its alright, And I'm glad you're okay" Gabriel said to Gabriella

Suddenly one of Odin's maids appeared behind them

"Sorry for the interruption but Guardian Angel, Frigg summons you in the castle. She awaits your presence in the throne room" it said 

" I wonder if she's going to give you something like a medal or a trophy for defeating Sutr" Thea responded

" She's right, you mustn't keep the empress waiting" Gabriella told him

"All right, ill be back soon, but this strange why the empress call me and not Odin "Angel said 

"Maybe Odin its having some work or assemble and he can't call you" Thea said

"Ok! ill be going bye" Angel said before walking off with the maid 

"Come back soon okay" Thea shouted

"Well, as much as I want to stay, I have to go home, my wife is waiting  me with dinner, so I'll be leaving too. I'll see you later Gabriella, Thea" Hiram added 

"And I have to meet up with the others to discuss our next plan" Gabriel told them before leaving

After they left, Gabriella turned to Thea

" When are you marry him? she asked

" I don't know, I will wait after he came back from the meeting with the empress and I will ask him" Thea said a little nervous

" I see, I'm glad that you are going to married him. Despite his relations with the Aesirs and the other guardians, he  is a very calm and a caring men, wait I almost forget we should make some dinner because you know that Angel and Gabriel are barrels with out ending" Gabriella said

"All right, I'm coming  Gabriella" Thea said

* With Angel

When he arrived, he saw the Frigg waiting for him and knelt down, waiting for a response. But nothing happened. He looked up at Frigg  and saw she was swaying back and forth, before turning around and falling over. Angel quickly got up and caught her.

"Frigg are you ok? Angel said in shock

"But it was too late the empress Frigg was dead and drenched in blood. He dropped the corpse in shock, then stared at his hands covered in blood

"What happened her?

He turned around and noticed the guards started backing away.

" This is horrible! Angel has gone mad" The guards cried out

"No wait! There must be some mistake!" He shouted at them, he then ran out of the hall avoiding each soldier's attempt to stop him, After exiting the hall, he started running back towards his residence, not wanting to be seen by anyone

"I don't understand what the hell is happening" he asked himself

He was almost home, before he was surrounded by more soldiers, who were being lead by Steven

"Angel! You traitor Filth" he yelled at Angel

"No Steven you'd wrong! It wasn't me" he shouted back 

"Shut up! Enough of your lies traitor, I shall put you down myself! 

" Damn you Steven" Angel said 

Now, kill the traitor soldiers" Steven said

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