This story is about an ongoing war between the aesirs from Asgard, and the vile creatures called fire giants (jötunns). In order to protect humans from the unending threat of the fire giants attacking Midgard, The Aesirs created an ultimate weapon that would end this war. their legion were led by Odin's special force they will put end to this war. Espero que Les guste la historian subire in capitulo cada seman por cuestiones de trabajo. Persona que quieren ser parte de la historian o ser Coautores dejenme un mensaje y si alguien no entiende el Ingles dejenmen saber para traducirla a Espanol. Grasias


5. Fighting the Demigods( Angel vs Steven)

A three-way fight then began, as Angel and Hiram fought against both the Jötunns from earlier and the newly arrived soldiers. Hiram chose to focus on the lesser threat, the Jötunns, while Angel started throwing the soldiers around the area, knocking over the other soldiers standing nearby. As Hiram was watching  Angel's fight, a Jötunn snuck up behind him and almost got through his defenses, when he grabbed its arm and threw it towards Strada, who impaled the Jötunn with a spear, before charging at its former commander. Hiram dodged the spear and quickly grabbed  on to it, and then kicked the general in the stomach, sending it back where it was originally standing making it let go of its weapon. He then proceeded to wipe the remaining Jötunns, just as Angel killed the last soldier, they turned their attention to Stradas who was currently backing away from them, finding itself surrounded by two angry guardians. Hiram ran towards Stradas, grabbing the general by one of his arms and threw it towards Angel who punched it in the stomach causing to cough up blood, then he threw it back to Hiram who slammed the General's head into the ground. They tossed it back and forth to each other before Hiram decided to end is miserable life and stab him with its own spear.

"Well, we're finally done here, why don't I show you where my house is"

Before he could answer, they noticed the ship heading towards the center of the village and quickly raced after it, not having time for relaxation.

*On the ship

The Guardians were seen running into a group of soldiers on the screen as the Demigod commanding the ship watched.

"All ships prepare for Attack!" a nearby soldier shouted . It then turned to the leader, waiting for the order.

"Destroy the city and collect all the souls of the people who live there" The man said simply granting his soldiers per mission for the attack

"All ships, release bombs now!" the soldier shouted again, as the ships began  launching  multiples bombs on to the village.

*In the village

They looked up to see the bombs descending on the area, which the began exploding around them, almost completely obscuring their vision. They then jumped as a Jötunn with Asgardian armor landed where they previously were standing.

"What a lucky turn to find the two must wanted criminals of Asgard here! Rip them apart!" It yelled to its fellow soldiers. Angel was about to attack the approaching soldiers, when Hiram stopped him.

" Let me take care of these guys. You worry about the big guy over there" He told Angel, pointing at the giant soldier

"Alright, have fun" He replied 

He then sped towards the Jötunn , who was charging towards him as well, while Hiram quickly took out all of the soldiers, one after the other.

Angel slid past the Jötunn hit him in the back , then jumped behind and kicked it in the face and Hiram, who had just killed all the soldiers, kicked the Jöttun's stomach sending it flying back at few feet's. Hiram then jumped onto the Jötunn and began repeatedly punching it in the face and then stab him with a stolen sword. Angel, not wanting to be left out, grabbed the Jötunn it by a leg and threw it into the air , then watched as it fell back down and landed on Hiram's sword killing him, when suddenly other bombs, begin to fall from the ships destroying half of the village while Angel and Hiram could only watch as the village was destroyed and the souls of the villagers begin to be collected by the ships. Then suddenly they heard a familiar voice shouting something , Hiram knew who it was instantly. But Angel didn't recognize the voice.


The man punched the ground with his fist enveloped in black magic destroying all the village leaving just few houses collecting the souls of the villagers, before raising his fist up to face his former comrades.

" Its seem what lord Thor spoke of was true, its been a while, hasn't it traitors?"

Angel looked at the man in confusion, still wondering who he was, while Hiram glared at him refusing to speak.

" You know, I never actually thought you would be stupid enough to return Angel and you Hiram, you've causing too much trouble to us".

"Question ¿ How the hell did you know it was me, it I might ask? Hiram Asked

" It was really obvious. Rin was the only one of us who had the most speed, yet she could never go fast enough to become invisible since Angel can't run even if his going to the bathroom to take a shit, plus the fact that he was supposedly dead. You were the only one we could think of"

"That was a pretty lame joke for Angel, but it was at least a little funny" Hiram said

Angel who was still looking back and forth between them, was slowly getting pissed of.

"Alright, Hiram tell me who in the hell is this guy before  punching him in the face" Angel said looking at Hiram

"Hmph. Do not tell me you have forgotten everything traitor? How could you forget the great and handsome Steven"


"Ok you can be great and powerful but you're not Handsome, you are so ugly as hell" Hiram said  to him, Steven ignoring the comment

"Open your eyes, Angel and kneel before one of the Seven Demigods" Steven said

" the seven Demigods...? so Hiram was right. They name themselves the seven Demigods" angel said

" The Asgard Force, who knew only war are no more! We Seven Demigods rule and maintain order thought the 9  Worlds. We have release and disappeared  the other gods from their command and now we are the Gods! and you two fossils, Angel& Hiram. Your power is nothing more than a vestige of the past. In fact I don't even think you can defeat us now regardless, defeating the Great Steven is a dream whit in a dream! Now, enough chat time for you two to surrender!"

As soon as Steven finished talking, Angel charged at the Demigod kicking it in his face, pushing him back wards.

"You talk too much!" Angel shouted

"How pitiful" Steven said while getting up "Your ears have become so closed. Now you shall feel my wrath!" he yelled charging at Angel

" Go shake if you family is alright, I will take him" Angel said to Hiram

"Ok men Good luck" Hiram said running to his house

The two of the rushed and punched at each other, fists meeting fists in a explosion. as they  connected punches Steven swiftly grabbed Angel and yanked him forward, his other arm raised to chlostline Angel. Angel leaned back as fast as he could and managed to dodge  then twisted the arm, Steven still had in his gasp and gripped Angel's arms instead. He then pulled up to upset angel's balance and right himself drove his knee into Angel's back. angel coughed from the force of the blow, he used the momentum to spin around an hit Steven in the jaw .

Steven begin to create a sphere of black magic aiming to Angel and shouted " Polarstar shooter" 

A Sphere of Darkness left his arm and enveloped the area  where Angel was standing, but he jumped up and over the blast. So he was poised over Steven in midair creating a sphere of Light in his hands.

"Flash Break Bomber" He yelled throwing the huge mass of light at Steven

Steven quickly created a sphere of darkness and used it to counter " Evil Sphere Sky Piercer"

The two spheres collided and generated a huge explosion, sending Angel who was above the blast further up into the air. While Steven was slammed into the gate with such force that the wind was knocked from him. Steven rolled on to his back to look up at the sky and catch his breath then froze as he saw Angel diving down full speed with a fist aiming straight for his head. Steven hurriedly keep rolling so he was on his belly and pushed off with his arms leaping as Angel crashed into the ground with his fist and formed a large crater where Steven's head had been just moments ago.

Angel stood up from where he destroyed the ground and flew towards Steven with his fist enveloped in light hitting him in the chest, suddenly Steven grabbed Angel by his arm and threw him into a wall crashing one side and out the other into the street where he rolled to a stop. As Steven walked through the destroyed house where Angel was in the floor when suddenly a blast of light magic hit Steven sending him flying through different houses and hitting in the gate and landing in the ground . As Steven tried to get up, Angel flew towards him grabbing his head and slammed him into the ground and slid  him across the village throwing him in a cliff. Angel was glad that he was able to defeat the Demigod " so this was the power of the Demigods? What a joke" he said before heading to Hiram's house, when suddenly a burst of black magic appeared from the cliff , causing him to turn back when he saw Steven transformed in a demon flew from the cliff and landed in front of Angel, sending him backwards.

" Scared, speechless, terrified, are you? He asked him, his voice sounding deeper than before. " While you, Angel slumbered for 100 years, an that pest named Hiram retired from The Guardians, We the Demigods, attained new heights, powers and forms. Witness the power bestowed upon by your dear girlfriend, Thea. This is the Demigods Awoken Form" Steven said as his body begin enveloped in Darkness making the winds in the area blow more faster and turned the sky black as night. 

" What did you do? tell me what you've done with her" Angel shouted at the Demon

" You will have to make me!" He shouted back, pointing to Angel" If you survive this time, Angel" 






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