This story is about an ongoing war between the aesirs from Asgard, and the vile creatures called fire giants (jötunns). In order to protect humans from the unending threat of the fire giants attacking Midgard, The Aesirs created an ultimate weapon that would end this war. their legion were led by Odin's special force they will put end to this war. Espero que Les guste la historian subire in capitulo cada seman por cuestiones de trabajo. Persona que quieren ser parte de la historian o ser Coautores dejenme un mensaje y si alguien no entiende el Ingles dejenmen saber para traducirla a Espanol. Grasias


6. Angel vs Steven last moments

They remained still for a moment, then shot forward engaging each other in a fierce bout of close combat. Angel's punches did a little damage with every blow, but at the same time Steven punches also delivered powerful strikes. Angel was really feeling the pressure as Steven was forcing him back slowly.

He leaped back as Steven swings a uppercut and glanced at the sky.

"You're open!" Steven shouted catching Angel in the chest with a kick enveloped in shadows " Demons Majesty-Shadow Slash" Angel howled as he was sent flying into a building going through it.

Steven walked through the destroyed building where Angel was in the floor. H e narrowed his eyes " its over!" Angel stood up from where he was and flew towards Steven, but as soon he tried to punch him, Steven quickly grabbed him in the face and slammed Angel into the ground, then he began to punch him in the face, punching him deeper in the ground.

"Do you feel it; Angel? She suffers each one of your sins, and to bring about the Great Rebirth, oh wait a second this is so tragic. If you care for your beautiful Girlfriend then kneel before me and surrender. You are not longer a Guardian, you are nothing but an idiot who wants to be crushed by us".

Angel caught Steven's fist and started to push it backwards and set his mouth in a line" Sorry Demigod but your awoken powers will not stop my VENGEANZE" then he grabbed Steven and threw it into the air. landing a few feet's away.

" soldiers, Get Him! Steven commanded

The nearby soldiers then began to fire beans at Angel, which he dodged while killing each one of the soldiers and throwing back the bombs the ship's fired. Steven watched as one of the ships crashed in to the ground exploding, then he looked back at Angel angered at his persistence.

" Hey are you going to stop fighting or can we keep going?" Angel said looking at Steven 

Steven grimed " This ends now"

They began running away from the village while firing spheres of magic at each other. After running for a while entering in a forest nearby the village, they jumped into the air towards each other with Angel preparing to slam Steven into the ground. Steven blocked the attack grabbing Angel's foot, then swing him around and higher into the sky. Angel recovered and attacked whit hi light fist "Light Pulse" launching himself towards Steven. He jumped towards Angel countering the punch with his one of his shadow fists. Angel managed to push it back and  before landing in the ground getting impulse and jumped  directly into Steven. The Demigod then felt that his body stopped in the air, he looked towards where the village was and saw Hiram  standing in his house roof with his arms raised in front of him allowing him to paralyze Steven. Angel continued flying towards Steven putting his hands far back creating to big punches of light that stretched farther and farther. " this will end now SEVEN STARS BAZOOKA" then he hurled his hands forward hitting Steven launching him far into space  snapping Hiram's paralyzing technique. 

Angel landed on the roof beside Hiram. Looking up to where Steven was, glad that he finally get rid of him.

* In Space 

" Do you think, a mere idiot like you can defeat a God? "NO" Behold I Shall show you our true powers. I call upon the power of Odin lord of the 9 worlds. Hail Odin, lord of asgard, Warrior and Wanderer, valiant and wise. You to whom all the gods of asgard look. Sky father on the eight legged steed, You who traded an eye for wisdom, and ruled a turbulent realm. Give us the wisdom to accept fate, The twists and turns of fate, Even as you surrendered yourself To the mercies of the Norn's. Protect us All-Father, from what harm may come to us. Lead us through the wilderness, And bring us safely to that great hall, that you reserve only for the brave of spirit." He shouted as he began to create a gigantic sphere of darkness the size of Midgard " I am Steven , of the seven demigods the absolute beings that protects the 9 Worlds and its habitants. Hiram the prince and Angel the traitor, you do not belong in this worlds! Die!" CHORUS OF PURGATORY"

Steven pulled his hands down pointing at where was Angel, launching the gigantic sphere to try and destroy Angel, While Hiram now frightened at Steven's new power, jumped from the roof entered to the house and hided his family in his basement. Also knowing that Angel was able to take care of himself.

After the sphere begun to enter at Midgard, Angel taked position raised his arms looking at the sphere and shouted" Bring it on Bitch" then the sphere landed in Midgard Angel Grabbed the sphere and tried pushing it , but was crushed into the house destroying the house, to Steven's satisfaction. He then had visions of the past. when Frigg had been murdered.

"You traitorous Filth!

"No! It wasn't me! 

"I have decided to save this worlds!

"What great rebirth!

"Your dead shall be the foundation of a new world!

Angel wake up an this time succeeded in pushing Steven's sphere of the ground.

"I... Remember now! You Bastard 

Steven grew increasingly  furious at Angel's attempts at resistance and fired a blast of darkness magic at the sphere pushing it more, as the Guardian began rapidly punching the huge sphere with his fist enveloped in light making the sphere to retreat more, before landing a final empowered punch on the sphere sending it towards Steven causing a large explosion, finally defeating his opponent.

Angel fell over from exhaustion his arms having bruzed. 

" Why are you here, Angel? Do you even know what you want; you have already failed once at living. You are a fool, next time do not come back.

Angel recognized the voice and raised himself and began to look around but he don't found nothing before falling over from exhaustion.




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