This story is about an ongoing war between the aesirs from Asgard, and the vile creatures called fire giants (jötunns). In order to protect humans from the unending threat of the fire giants attacking Midgard, The Aesirs created an ultimate weapon that would end this war. their legion were led by Odin's special force they will put end to this war. Espero que Les guste la historian subire in capitulo cada seman por cuestiones de trabajo. Persona que quieren ser parte de la historian o ser Coautores dejenme un mensaje y si alguien no entiende el Ingles dejenmen saber para traducirla a Espanol. Grasias


1. The Beginning

The war between the Odin's special force and the fire giants was about to begin at midgard. General Angel, who was standing on the top of a tower and facing towards to the city below them know as Mid. 

"General Rin waiting for ypur command" Angel said looking to the city

" Ok Angel you can start the attack" Rin said

As the Fire Giants were getting closer,Angel jumped off the tower and started falling towards them and began launching a barrage of light magic blasts at them, bringing down most of them,while fighting, Angel was joined by the Asgardians soldiers,while the archers were firing at the giants. Angel was still firing at the giants when he noticed a giant heading towards him causing him to stop firin to the portal. he dodged all of the giant's attacks and managed tograb on to the giant and rammed it into another structure.He smiled in satisfaction and sped off to destroy more giants.

*On Asgard Castle 

"Fear not, brave warriors of midgard,our long struggle against the fire giants shall come to an' end tonight.Oh, powerful warriors of Asgard,purge our world of the fire giants! the life giving odin force is one with you.faithful people of midgard! Offer your prayers! they will become corage to aid us in battle" Thea Chanted

" Tonight the impure have defiled and scorched our land, but it is we shall live to see tomorrows light. legion of warriors hear your priestess words an save our land once and for all" Odin called out 

" Let us offer midgard the greatest blessing,in the name of Odin father of the Aesir ! may the heavens guide you to victory" Thea chanted

* Whith Angel

he continued to fire light magic blasts at the fire giants,with a nearby soldier firing it owns magic blasts along side him, before it take off to engage more of the giants.He flew towards a tower and kicked to fall in agroup of giants.

" The Odins special force that command you are the veteran elite.Bringing down any who threaten to desecrate our land. Thea said

As Angel was destroying the Giants four other persons appearde from the portal to aid him in battle, destroying some Giants.

" For midgard!" Gabriel shouted punching through a Giant. " Evil will be eradicate out, with this fists.

the second newly arrived guardian, Rin, landed on a house as two giants headed towrdas her.

" Looks like you want to die first" she shouted citting both giants in half as a giant archer send a flaming arrow towards her from behind." Lucky for you I can make that happen! she shouted easily killing the giant with her sword. She the proceeded to attack other giants in the area.

The third guardian, JJ , quickly flew towards an oncoming group of giants dodging its attacks and swiftly cutting them into pieces." In this world... there are many horrible things that you do not want to see, follow me! Fellow warriors drive a wedge between the enemy forces.

the last of the guardians,steven headed towards to a group of giants and created a net with dark magic traping them, then he greated a black hole form below the net making the giants fall in and sealed the hole." this vile giants can't hope to defeat us! We will triumph today! he called out to his fellow soldiers

" Even if you fall in battle, your soul will be eternal, with Odins power your will be in valhalla and rejoice in prosperity for all eternity" Thea chanted once more, as Angel punched through a stray giant. 

"you bastard!" he yelled 

he flew towards a giant group and once again began firing light magic blasts at them. After getting close enough, he stared to run rapidly across the city arravinc to the portal.

" Now, who's next ? he shouted 

The five guardians all raced across the city, slaughtering all Giants in their sight and causing massive explosions as the creatures were attacked.

*On Asgard

" Oh, now beatiful life is at its end. True beauty only manifest intself in death and destruction." Loki Mussed, watching the events of the war on a large screen.

"it would be nice if one could rest for a bitt. But is a war and there is no rest, Brother" Thor said while walking behind loki

" You two should be concerned with the goal at hand!" Odin yelled at them

" Father, sometimes i ask myself if you know me at all. Have you forgotten that i am concerned when the beauty of destruction and death is before my eyes?" he ask him

" My strategies are perfect,theres no need for us to be in the battlefield, lets seet back and see how dad's group of punks bring our victory, beside its more intertaiment fight ice giants than see this kids fight" thor chimed in 

" I have a question for you * How in the hell you become gods? Odin responded

" Lord Odin we need reinforcements directly to the front lines now ! Rin shouted using telepathy

" Hmph. batles such as this that bring temporary peace are important for me. Rin tell the others to evacuate the area now, ITS TIME FOR THE RAGNAROK! Odin said to Rin 

" The Ragnarok? But my lord. it is not tested" Rin tried esplaining to him

" In its current state, it will destroy the city, Are you sure about it dad? Thor asked 

" At times, one must trow a rock onto stangant waters to set things into motion, this is not just for thi battle, but the future of midgard depends of it"Odin said

"The ragnarok, that is an instrument of destruction. I would love to see it in action" Loki commented

" As you wish, my lord' Rin responded 

" Hear me now brave warriors of asgard! let this beam bring the coming of a new world order!" Odin shouted as the Ragnarok prepared to fire. It then launched a large blast causing a huge explotion on the city oblitarating most of the remaining giants.

"The ragnarok? But why used him? steven asked 

"Why not ? its show how serious we are about winning! JJ ansewered landing between him and Angel

" Guys i think we have company look at the portal at the ground" Gabriel called out as he appeared on Angel other side

The ground started cracking apart before forming a big creature where the portal was. a gigantic fire giant with big muscles and lava like hair, then he shouted a loud scream that make even the gods to tremble in fear, each one of the guardians having a different reaction ot its reappearance, it then begined to ran towards them destroying houses and everything around him.

" So, Sutr's awekened, huh ? this looks like its going to be fun. Guys we have a mission and si to keep slutr from reaching the portal to Asgard. so get ready" Rin spoke up from beside Steven 

"Right" everyone said as they begin too run towards sutr " FOR ASGARD "




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