King of the Joker

Life has been ordinary before a horde of monsters overtook the town. Everyone of the villagers died except for Vent Undercast. Knowing that dwelling on the past won't change anything, he goes into journey to become the unparalleled being so that his past won't repeat again.


1. Guide Book

Belief History

The humanity was once the most prominent and dominant creatures of this world. It has been a proven fact that no other species can compete with the power named technology. However, the humanity experienced downfall of their hierarchy when the extraordinary creatures intruded. These creatures, sometimes referred as monsters or beasts, began their ruthless assault toward humanity. Humanity wasn't able to wipe them out with the strongest destructive weapon known as nuclear bombs. Humans learned magic from intellectual creatures and the one sided massacre toward humans have stopped. Towns and villages have formed which have resembled that of a renaissance age. A capital has been created as the center of communication and merchants. Monarchies were now established.

In a short summary, "The World Has Become A Fantasy".

Elves, Dwarfs, Dragons, Gnomes, and hundreds of other species existed in this world.

Humans eventually evolved themselves to adapt within this world.

They invented a method to mark their personal status on a portable stone plate known as the status plate. 

A person's value in the society can be seen as a numbers and a class. 

Humans are able to earn their classes based on their achievement. 

There are nine major class categories:

Knight, Warrior, Berserk, Martial Artist, Archer, Magician, Priest, Summoner, and Sage

For example, if a person wanted to be a magician, one will have to devote years of their time to master the magic to officially earn the title of Magician and the benefit it will give to the owner.

There are some rare and unknown ones yet to be found by any normal method that require harder task than becoming any one of these listed above. Only handful have survived and became one of them.

There are five major stats: 

Strength(S), Defense(D), Speed(SP), Stamina(ST), and Mana(M).

The maximum number for each of the stats are 999.

A Rank Stat: 900-999

B Rank Stat: 800-899

C Rank Stat: 700-799

D Rank Stat: 600-699

E Rank Stat: 450-599

F Rank Stat: 300-449

G Rank Stat: 149-299

H Rank Stat: 0-149

Adventurer's, merchant's, and assassin's guild exists to attract the high ranking adventurers to work for them. 

There are five major type of coins in the story

White Gold coins: 10 Gold coins(10,000 dollar)

Gold coins: 10 Silver Coins(1,000 dollar) 

Silver coins: 10 Copper Coins(100 dollar)

Copper Coins: 10 Metal Coins(10 dollar)

Metal coins: 1 Metal Coin(1 dollar)

All of the market prices don't have decimals behind them.

Rest of the details will be spoken throughout the story. 


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