Boyfriend's Bestfriend

I'm the girl everyone wants to be, but it's funny because I'd die to be anyone other than me right now. At least then I wouldn't be a conniving bitch falling in love with my boyfriend's bestfriend, Seth Myers.


1. Prologue

Seth POV

    Being in love sucks. Being in love with your bestfriend’s girlfriend sucks even more. And now that they’ve broken up idk if I can keep up the act. It was better when they were together, then I could at least convince myself not to act upon my feelings. At least then I’d have something holding me back from being a bigger asshole than I already was.


Layla POV

    I don’t know what’s worse, being in a fake  relationship or being attracted to your fake boyfriend’s bestfriend. Either way I’m a conniving bitch.



This will be Seth’s story, like I promised. If you have no idea who Seth is, be sure to check out my book ‘Brother’s Bestfriend.’ Of course reading ‘Brother’s Bestfriend’ is recommended but not necessarily needed to understand this story. Another thing about this story is that it will be taking place when Seth and Kyle were in high school, expanding to present day. I won’t be starting this until I finish ‘Brother’s Bestfriend,’ but I hope you guys will support me through this story as well because I do have a lot in tune for Seth. STORY COMING SOON!


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