After The Golden Age

Cthulhu Mythos poem.


1. 001

Chaos should not cease
To dominate the world.
O yes, Nyarlathotep;
Will rule!

No wish for harmony,
Of its Golden Age;
It was before the Fall.

Reveling in constant disorder,
But Yog-Sothoth prefers reason;
Giving His first allegiance
To the Daemon Sultan: Azathoth
Remembering old times of this God.

Cthulhu does side with Him,
But Yig supports Yog-Sothoth;
As Father Serpent of the Cosmos,
Who invented this very world...

Yog-Sothoth has sympathy,
As Dagon; the Deep One Lord
And not even he can say
What will happen when there remains
A Princess restored on Her throne,
A Princess on Ebony Bone.

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