LGBTea & Cakes

LGBTea & Cakes is a magazine-style Movella jam-packed with original LGBT+ themed baking recipes (such as "pride flag shortbread", "transgender blender" and "pansexual pies"), general LGBT+ related advice (including coming out tips, identity definitions and dealing with bullying). A single Q&A page will also be included and updated regularly with your questions, so please comment both baking queries and/or LGBT+ related questions and I'll post answers as soon as I can. [REGULARLY UPDATED]


5. Transgender Blender

Transgender Blender

​Transgender Blender is a smoothie that contains fruity ingredients in the colours of the transgender pride flag (blue, pink and white). It's a tasty treat that will cool you down in the summer or serve as a healthy breakfast smoothie if you'd rather. While the colour of the ingredients resembles those of the transgender pride flag, unfortunately the smoothie won't, as it will all blend together (obviously!). SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS IF THE YOGHURT IS REPLACED WITH DAIRY-FREE YOGHURT.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: Not applicable

Batch: Makes 2  small smoothies or 1 large smoothie


​- 125g blueberries

​- 125g raspberries

​- 1 vanilla/natural yoghurt (or 1 dairy-free yoghurt)

​- 5 ice cubes


​1. All you need to do to make your Transgender Blender is put all the ingredients into a blender, pour it into a glass and drink! If you don't intend to drink it immediately, it will last for up to 3 days refrigerated.

***If you decide to make a Transgender Blender, please comment and tell me how it goes! If you provide a picture of what you've made, I will post it with your username at the bottom of this chapter. If you have any queries about this recipe, feel free to ask me in the comments and I'll post an answer on a Q&A page.***

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