LGBTea & Cakes

LGBTea & Cakes is a magazine-style Movella jam-packed with original LGBT+ themed baking recipes (such as "pride flag shortbread", "transgender blender" and "pansexual pies"), general LGBT+ related advice (including coming out tips, identity definitions and dealing with bullying). A single Q&A page will also be included and updated regularly with your questions, so please comment both baking queries and/or LGBT+ related questions and I'll post answers as soon as I can. [REGULARLY UPDATED]


3. About LGBTea & Cakes

About LGBTea & Cakes

​LGBTea & Cakes is a magazine filled with a range of interesting topics. The idea is simple; if you are LGBT+, an ally or just a keen baker, you'll love this magazine. Jam-packed with tasty recipes, you will never run out of things to bake and share with your friends (or eat all by yourself!) LGBTea & Cakes is designed in a ratio of 2:1 of recipes and advice, so that it's easy going and helpful too. After every 2 recipes posted, an advice article will be posted, followed by another 2 recipes, etc.

I've created this Movella because I love to bake but often find myself bored of making simple cookies and plain cupcakes, and I thought to myself "Why don't I celebrate my identity with my baking?" After all, I am publishing the first chapter in LGBT pride month 2017! I decided to get creative and, sitting with my cook books around me, added a uniquely LGBT+ twist to some much-loved baking recipes.

​I would love to hear from you if you've baked anything written in this magazine, so please comment to tell me what you've made, how it went, if I could have included anything to make it easier for you, and if possible a picture of what you've made (I will include your photo under the relevant recipe so that others can see what you've baked!)

​So grab your aprons and your rolling pins and read on...!

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