I am lonesome


1. I am lonesome

   I am Lonesome


I am lonesome for I am semi retired

With nothing much to do

To while away the time

I have watched all the films

I have read all the books

I only have a few years to live

For I had a heart attack

Thank god for that

Much as I want to live for ever

I can’t go on like this

I feel lonesome

With nobody to talk to

I live in shared accommodation

Everyone keeps to themselves

Ennui is the better part of my life

My child moved away

She was the light of my life

I long for a guy friend

A handsome man

For we are never too old for love

For even though I am not beautiful

I am very charming

I know everyone in town

But i have no personal friends

Life is now about community living

I am not satisfied with a high and a hello today

God has not answered my prayers

Please god give me a guyfriend

A purpose for living

So that I can wish for a living for ever

Improve my quality of life

For there is a living for ever

For I cannot go on like this

Day in and day out

My neighbour lives alone

I will learn to live alone too

Can’t I handle boredom

At my age too

For I am 60

I have made my fortune

I have lived a good life

Please god give me a vibrant life

A living for ever so to speak

I can live alone

I have done it before

My neighbour is a handsome man

And my age too

He has fancied me for years

And I have known him for years too

I have lived without a partner

I can do it I can do it

I can live alone for I am not lonely

I am lonesome but I have a community network

Please give me perfect health

For there is a living for ever

I can handle half an hour of ennui surely

Silly me to be lonesome

When I have everything going for me

After reverse aging I am 33

I have a wedding this month

My little one is marrying a nice boy

And I have excellent health now

For the doctors fixed me up

Made me as good as new

I still work for the hospitals

I make 5 million a year

I must go shopping next week

To assuage my boredom

But I don’t need anything

Change is the only constant thing

Nothing lasts for ever.

I have a very supportive network

I have a family

Even though I did not marry

They are very fond of me

God give me the strength

To handle my ennui

For I can live alone

For I can live alone

If it were not for the ennui.........


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