The Angel Complex (The Queerest Afflictions)

Angel Complex is the first story I shall be writing which is part of a non-continuous series called The Queerest Afflictions.


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

          Sam yawned groggily. Last night's dream had been so surreal. He suddenly felt that he was cold. Had he forgotten to set the timer for the air conditioning again? Sam's brain racked its shelves of memory and came up with nothing. Must've forgotten again, though Sam.

          Sam opened his eyes to find that his arm was draped around his bolster, mostly hidden under the covers. Strangely enough, the cold feeling seemed to be emanating from the bolster. The blurry scene resolved itself slightly, and Sam saw that the bolster had eyes. Sam blinked twice, suddenly alert, to find that his arms were draped around the body of a girl.

         Sam made a few incoherent noises and made to jerk his arm away. But, lightning fast, a hand shot out from the girl to grab his arm and lowered it gently back into the same position. Lizzie smiled and said, "It's okay, I quite like your arm around me like that."

         "I... Ah... Didnt mean to... Erm... What I mean to say is..." Sam took a breath. "You're real?" He finally managed.

         Lizzie rolled her eyes. "Of course I'm real. I thought we'd cleared that up yesterday."

         Sam sat up and seemed to notice the lighting in the room for the first time. "Shit! I'm late!" he exclaimed, startling Lizzie. 

         "Dammit! What's wrong with my alarm... Wait. Where is it?" 

         "Um the alarm on this?" said Lizzie with something in her voice like... guilt? 

         Sam turned around to find Lizzie holding his watch. 

         "But I checked your timetable! You're classes don't start for another hour, and the bus doesn't arrive in another twenty minutes! Why did you set your alarm so early?"

          "So you turned it off?"

         "Yeah, I did. You looked pretty tired yesterday so I took the liberty of setting it to 15 minutes before the bus arrives. I was going to wake you in another five minutes!"

         Sam looked like he wanted to argue further but didn't have the time. So he satisfied himself by glaring at her before rushing off to brush his teeth, pausing only to tell Lizzie to look away as he changed his clothes.

         Sam took the stairs three at a time, grabbed a couple of biscuits and ate on the way out the door. 

          Sam only noticed that Lizzie was behind him when he had reached the place that the bus stopped to pick him up.

         "You're following me to school?"


          Sam said nothing to that. After all, it wasn't like Lizzie could be seen by anyone other than him.

           The bus came round the corner and stopped in front of him. Sam climbed on, and Lizzie followed suit. 

         Sam sat down in his usual spot, and Lizzie sat next to him. 

         "Does anyone usually sit here?" asked Lizzie.

         "Nah. I like to sit alone, and none of my school friends sit on the same bus as I do."

          "Alright then. Well, I'll be occupying a vacant seat if you need me," said Lizzie cheerfully, making to stand.

          "Wait! No, I didn't mean—"  

          "Just pulling​ your leg, Sam," she said, sitting back down again.

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