The Angel Complex (The Queerest Afflictions)

Angel Complex is the first story I shall be writing which is part of a non-continuous series called The Queerest Afflictions.


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

          On the day she came into his life, Sam spent his evening watching things that teenagers aren't supposed to watch but watch anyway, while doing something that teenage boys aren't supposed to do but do anyway. After that, he felt like he always did. He felt hollow, though the feeling of hollowness never diminished in any way the desire to do it again, because pleasure was pleasure. He sat at the edge of his bed and stared into the void in a haze of emptiness filled with a lethargy as though he never wanted to do anything ever again.

          He got up and dressed in his pyjamas, brushed his teeth, and went to bed. The hollowness gave way to another emotion as pearly tears unrolled gleaming carpets from under his eyes.

          Sam's parents forbid him from tears since he was very small. "Real men shed blood, not tears," his mom had said. Once, he had done something wrong, forgot to do his homework or something, and his father shouted at him in a very ugly way. When he started crying, his father yelled at him and threatened him with the bamboo cane should he continue crying. He quickly learned to store up his sadness and maintain an expressionless visage on the outside, learned to have a mask on to protect him at all times. Then, only when he was alone would he let the tears flow, sometimes with huge, racking sobs muffled by his pillow.

          These days, though, only the occasional tear would be unveiled beneath the dark curtain of his eyelashes when he was feeling particularly empty. Not today. Today Sam lay back on his bed and pressed his face into his pillow, nearly choking himself making sure not a sound was heard.


I'll never be loved.

I'm too hideous to be.

No girl would ever like me.

No girl would ever notice me.

No girl would ever care about me.

I'm pathetic.


          Unnoticed by Sam, a pair of dimly glowing eyes were watching him from the wall. Then a face merged with the eyes and emerged from the wall forming a head. Hands reached in and the intruder pulled itself out from inside the wall. Standing, the figure crept forward until it was at the foot of the bed, then proceeded to sit and wait.


          Sam stopped. Out of nowhere, a bright source of light had illuminated the room. Thinking that one of his parents had come in to check on him, he quickly wiped his tears away as subtly as he could and pretended to be asleep. His parents, upon seeing him asleep would usually close the door and leave him be, but tonight, that was not the case.

          What have I done this time, thought Sam. He sighed mentally, then using the hand that was out of sight, Sam checked again that his face was free of tears. Maybe Mom just wants to talk to me about something, he hoped. 

          Sam braced himself, threw back the covers, and......

          He saw the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his entire life.

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