Percabeth - Percy and I

When a new boy comes to town he gets everyone's attention, even mine. His name's Percy, and he's the schools hero. Then there's me, Annabeth, the school's biggest geek. I've only been in love once with Luke, but he betrayed me. Will I ever find true love again.


2. History is Drama

Annabeth’s POV


I walked into History class, my book in my hand because it can’t fit in my bag.


I got prepared to sit in my usual seat when I saw him.


Percy Jackson, the apparently most amazing guy in the school sitting in my seat.


I felt a certain urge to talk to him in a flirtatious way, but I shooed that thought away.


I couldn’t be thinking like that.


I walked up to him and he looked up.


He gave me an adorable lop-sided grin.


“Hey, what’s up.” He asked.


I was tempted to kiss him, but that would just be strange, so of course I didn’t.


“You’re sitting in my seat.” I say sternly, gesturing to the chair.


“It doesn’t have your name on it.” He smirks.


“The teacher assigned us seats, so I have to sit there.” I say crossing my arms.


“Whatever wise girl.” He says rolling his eyes.


“Do not call me wise girl.” I say on the verge of yelling.


“What are you going to do about it wise girl.” He asks still smirking.


“You’ll see, seaweed brain.” I said proudly.


Before he could say anything else, the history teacher: Mr Are’s walks in.


“What’s going on here!” He yells, searching the classroom until his eyes land on us.


“What are you two lovebirds doing!” He screams.


We both blush, I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment.


Everyone turned their chairs to look at us.


“We barely know each other.” Percy stated, I nodded in agreement.


“Does it look like I care, kid?” Mr Are’s asked.


Percy rolled his eyes, “I’m apparently sitting in her seat.”


Mr Are’s gave him one of his killing glares, “sit next to her then!!!”


I smiled down at Percy and he huffed.


He grabbed all of his stuff and moved to the chair next to me.


“Are we good now?!?” Mr Are’s asked.


We both nodded in sync.


“Good, let's start history or you guys will be history!” Mr Are’s roared.


I tried to pay attention in class but it was quite hard knowing that the person next to you was using their eyes to burn holes in the side of my head.


I tried my best to ignore it, but when I looked to my right, I locked eyes with him.


I felt a spark.


I tried to hide my blush but it was easier said than done.


He laughed and I felt I was in boiling water, he winked at me when the bell started ringing.


I got out of my seat and ran down the hall.


Was Percy Jackson flirting with me?


The geek, the nerd, the know-it-all.


I had to find Piper to tell her what happened.


Maybe I can move schools, or be homeschooled.


I can not fall in love again. No.


I nearly made it to my locker when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back.


It was Percy Jackson.

  Hey guys! This is the 2nd chapter of Percy and I. Hoped you enjoyed! Comment any feedback or ideas for different stories. Thanks, love you guys!
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