Percabeth - Percy and I

When a new boy comes to town he gets everyone's attention, even mine. His name's Percy, and he's the schools hero. Then there's me, Annabeth, the school's biggest geek. I've only been in love once with Luke, but he betrayed me. Will I ever find true love again.


3. Exchanging Numbers

Annabeth’s POV


Percy Jackson looked like he just ran a marathon, he was covered in sweat and out of breath, but all in all, it was kinda cute.


“J-just wait.” Percy ordered.


I searched my surroundings, my fellow students were trying to eavesdrop but failing terribly, there was one face that caught my

eye. It was Rachel Elizabeth Dare, doing her famous death glare, I gulped in fear but didn’t let it show on my face. I didn’t want her to know that she could take control of me that easily.


I stared back into Percy Jackson’s beautiful sea green eyes. He seemed to be back to normal now, he looked back at me ignoring the fact that basically the whole school was watching us. He must be used to it, after all, he is a bad boy.


“Listen, maybe we can, I don’t know, hang out sometimes,” He continued, “get to know each over?”


I nodded, on the outside I tried my best to act cool, but on the inside my heart was exploding into unicorns and rainbows.


I only acted like that around Luke, but even this was a lot to handle.


“Sure.” I replied, that was the only thing that I could say.


He gave me his famous lopsided smile and gave me his phone.


I raised an eyebrow, as if to ask why he was giving me his phone.


“To exchange numbers.” He answered.


I don’t get it, I should’ve known the answer before, the only thing that seems to be working is my heart.


I nodded and typed down my number, handed his phone back to him, and smiled. I tried my best to do a normal smile but my

happiness was overtaking me giving me an outrageous smile.


He chuckled. Gods, I am in love with his laugh. Wait. Why did I just think that? I can’t be in love with anyone or anything right now. Why is everything so confusing!


“Wait!” He yelled which made me jump in surprise, “what’s your name?”


Oh my gods! He doesn’t even know my name yet! How could I have forgotten telling him.


“It’s Annabeth.” I say laughing at my stupidness.


“Annabeth…” He said.


It was like he was dazed by my name, I never knew that names could have so much power. Because he looked stunned at my

name for ten seconds. I giggled to myself thanks to the awkwardness. Luckily, before things could get too awkward, he

snapped out of it.


“Well, I’ve got to get going. Catch you later… Annabeth!” He said before running off to his next classroom.


Before I had even the chance to think about what just happened, I heard my name get called out over the large crowd of



I turned to face where the sound of my voice came from, at first I thought it was Piper, but of course I can never get that lucky.


Rachel started storming towards me, you could basically feel the heat of anger radiating off of her.


“What do you want Rachel?” I say, trying my best to stay calm.


“I want him! So back off!” Rachel screamed.


“Or what?” I asked half not wanting to know, but the other half was way too curious to resist.


“Or, I’ll make your life a living hell!” She yelled once again storming off to the direction of her group.


I stood there stunned, I believed every single word she said, because who wouldn’t.


She’s the Queen Bee and gets what she wants.


I have to make a move on person before Rachel gets her hands on him, but who would love a nerd? Especially if the nerd is

falling in love with the bad boy.


What am I saying! I am not falling in love with a bad boy… I just met him.


I shook my head out of disappointment and walked off to find Piper.


She needs to know everything that just happened.

  Hey Guys! I am sooooooooo sorry it took so long to write. I just had a lot of school assignments, and working on my other stories. So, I decided to do a shoutout. Comment something that you think will happen in the story or what you want to happen! THANKS!!!
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