AlwAys and forever

Ever wondered why A decided to ruin the girls lives well this is the story of the A team and why they decided to do what they did, starting with Mona. Warning- Spoiler alert


1. Mona POV

It was a bright sunny morning and Mona Vanderwaal is already up and ready it was her first day in freshmen year and it had to be amazing!

She stared into the mirror and slipped on her glasses she was wearing her favourite red, white and blue jumper and her blue denim jeans, which she saw Alison wearing but of course it looked so much better on Ali!

Mona had always wanted to look like Ali with her gorgeous long blonde hair and amazing outfits, Mona hated the way she looked with her big bulky glasses, freckles and greasy brown hair, ‘why couldn’t she look like Ali?’ she thought to herself.

Mona paced confidently into her new school rosewood day she looked around for someone she knew from her primary school. Suddenly she saw her Alison Dilaurentis surrounded by huge crowds of people Mona wasn’t surprised Ali had been the most popular girl by far in primary school, but their was just a small light inside of her which was hoping for Ali and her to be friends she imagined them going shopping, having sleepovers while gossiping about everyone else in the school maybe they could even do each others makeup!

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