AlwAys and forever

Ever wondered why A decided to ruin the girls lives well this is the story of the A team and why they decided to do what they did, starting with Mona. Warning- Spoiler alert


2. Mona meets Ali's friends

Mona walked into her first class Math with a teacher called Mrs Johnson she crossed her fingers behind her back that Alison might be in her class then maybe she could be friends. As soon as she walked into her class she heard whispering “omg, i think we have a copycat” she remembered this familiar voice, Alison.

“Hey Alison!” Mona said a little too excitedly “what a loser!” Alison whispered into another girls ear.

She looked at the other girl she looked familiar she had a streak of pink in her dark brown hair.

‘What was she thinking, that she could be friends with Alison Dilaurentis, she felt a little jealous of this pink haired girl who seemed to be good friends with Ali.

Finally it was lunch she had to find somewhere to sit she looked around, there was Ali sitting with a small group of four girls she saw the pink hair girl now she remembered Aria Montgomery that was her name!

She remembered Aria from her old school she was a loner like Mona herself,

how could she suddenly become best friends with Ali?

She decided to sit on the table behind Ali and her four musketeers she studied each of Ali’s friends they didn’t look like popular girls, well she knew for sure that Hanna Marin wasn’t a popular girl so why were they suddenly best friends with Ali, she felt extremely jealous!

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