Dreams Within Worlds

"Hey!" said a girl with black hair and brown skin. "Did you just... you... helped me?" She looked at her helper that was on her side. "Wait.... Xi Xi! I thought you were trying to kill me!" He looked at her. "Long story short. I wasn't trying to kill you... my father was... let's keep on going shall we?..." She looked at him with a sort of face that you do when you don't trust someone. He then struck at their killer.
"For the worlds!"


1. Training

She was waiting near a small hollow where she was sure that no one would find her. Along with her other friends. She looked around and saw no one coming.

"He might have changed his mind about learning how to fight along my side...."

She pulled out her sword and started to swing it as she was thinking about what had happened back at her "home" planet.

"We have to stop this from happening! Balance is out of order and we have to balance the universe again. Since all the Argiknights are dead all the inactive Argiknights and Jovenkinghts are starting to wake up. And they are all in..." said a boy with black hair and dark brown eyes. His tannish skin was shivering with the cold that was around them.

"They are all down here on Earth! Shoot!... if they all wake up... then... they will all go into Civil War against each other... not to mention... all our friends will try to kill us!"

The boy nodded. "We have to do something about this Haku..."

"First we have to make sure no one's soul starts to fade away..." Haku said. "Anzu... we have to do this..now or never!"

"Tonight... and... do you think that your son really wants to learn how to fight with me?" The girl with black hair, brown eyes and brown skin asked him.

"He told me himself...."

She woke up from her thinking when she heard a bush move. She turned around and pointed her sword at Haku. She closed her eyes, trying to find his son with magic. 'Found him!' she thought to herself.

Haku tried to attack her with his dagger but she kicked it out of his hand and her sword had turned into a bow and arrow. She stepped on Haku's dagger to make sure he couldn't get a hold of it and aimed at the boy in front of him.

"Not bad... not bad at all... even for your father." She smiled at the boy and dropped her weapon and ran to him to hug him.

'He is so cute!' She thought to herself. 'I love children!'

"Ok... let's start with making sure that your sword is a part of you... or a part of your aura. It makes it easier to handle."

Anzu was stuck teaching him how to become the sword.

"Ok... you will know learn how to swing!..." She thought him how to and... he cut off her head. "Wow... just, wow." said a talking head that rolled to the feet of Haku's son.

His eyes went wide and almost fell asleep. "Don't worry son... can you please pass me the sewing kit?"

The boy just looked at him and passed him the kit. "This might take a while..."

After a few minutes, Anzu's head was sewed back on. "Thanks, Haku. If I were to do it myself it would have taken forever!"

She turned to the kid. "Good job! Now... you will learn the most basic advanced moves," The boy was starting to wonder if cutting off her head was normal to them. 'Are they really that close? Close enough that my father is able to sew on her head back no questions asked?' He thought to himself. Anzu looked at him and told him to copy her. After that, she waved good-bye to them and diapered into the mist.

A girl woke up with pain on her neck. "It hurts.... hmm... I'll be fine..." She looked around her room and started to get ready for school.

"That wood-brained prophecy! I am going to!... Ok... chill...you don't want to go full Ultima..." she got out of her room and started to walk to the bus ride.

"So... Carlos might want me dead?...."

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